Northern Exposure: The Complete 4th Season

This popular but quirky series was based on the premise of a newly graduated doctor from New York named Joel Fleishman (Rob Morrow – Quiz Show, Last Dance) does not read the fine print on his scholarship applications and when he does not have the money to pay them back upon graduation he is forced to work off his debt in the remote location of Cicely, Alaska. Cicely is full of odd characters and Joel has some adjusting to them and the pace of life to do. Season 4 was one of the more successful and popular of the series. It was nominated for an amazing 16 Emmy Awards, including Best Dramatic Series.

Disc One:
Northwest Passages: Maggie O'Connell's (Janine Turner – Cliffhanger, Steel Magnolias) 30th birthday turns out to be a time for her to go over her life and her past loves.

Midnight Sun: At a time where the sun does not set, Joel has a seemingly endless amount of energy and begins to coach the Cicely basketball team. Holling (John Cullum – The Notorious Bettie Page) is preoccupied by Shelly's (Cynthia Geary – 8 Seconds) cheerleading outfit.

Nothing's Perfect: Chris (John Corbett – from television's Sex and the City) accidentally runs over a dog, but after meeting the dog's owner Amy it seems as if things are going to be alright. Maurice (Barry Corbin – The Dukes of Hazzard, Urban Cowboy) has to decide what the 'real' value of an antique clock is.

Heroes: All of Cicely is star struck when heavy metal rock god Brad Bonner arrives in town by mistake. Chris has to decide how to honor the death of his mentor.

Blowing Bubbles: Mike Monroe (Anthony Edwards – from television's ER) arrives in town. He is a man who claims to suffer from severe allergies due to the environment and has to live in a bubble house. Ruth-Anne (Peg Phillips – Dogfight) is not sure how she feels when one of her sons comes to Cicely to live.

On Your Own: The Flying Man returns to Cicely and attempts to court Marilyn (Elaine Miles – Mad Love). Maurice decides to include his Korean son, Duk Won, in his will.

The Bad Seed: Jackie Vincoeur arrives in Cicely claiming to be Holling's daughter. This surprises Holling because he believed himself to be sterile. Marilyn is having some problems with her mother and looks for her own house.

Thanksgiving: The Indians in Cicely celebrate Thanksgiving by throwing tomatoes at the white folk, which angers Joel. Joel is very upset when he finds out he has to spend another year in Cicely.

Do The Right Thing: Maurice is upset when a former KGB agent shows him a file claiming that he divulged top-secret information. A health inspector makes a long overdue inspection at Holling's restaurant.

Disc Two:
Crime and Punishment: Chris is extradited to West Virginia for breaking his parole. Mike decides to defend him and makes a discovery.

Survival of the Species: Ed (Darren E. Burrows – Amistad, Casualties of War) has weird dreams and it prompts him to make a plan to save the world. Maggie discovers artifacts from an ancient female.

Revelations: Chris's will power is put to the test when he decides to take his vacation at a monastery. Ruth-Anne pays off the mortgage on her store. Joel is bored when no one in town is sick for two weeks.

Duets: One Who Waits tells Ed where his father is so Ed starts working on a construction site in order to get to know his father. Maggie and Mike fly to a chemical spill, but the romance of the situation makes Maggie angry.

Grosse Point: Maggie bribes Joel with a pair of Knicks tickets to get him to fly with her back home to Michigan for her grandmother's 80th birthday. It ends up being a chaotic situation and Joel discovers that Maggie is not nearly as weird as the rest of her family.

Learning Curve: Marilyn decides to venture out into the world (Seattle) alone. Holling decides to go back to high school to get his diploma.

Ill Wind: A strange seasonal wind called "The Coho" has the usually peaceful residents of Cicely thinking of death and violence. Maggie ends up breaking Joel's nose twice in a brawl. Chris saves Maurice's life.

Love's Labour Mislaid: Maggie is upset that she cannot remember having sex with Joel. Ed finds himself part of an arranged marriage when Uncle Anku comes to town.

Disc Three:
Northern Lights: The days of continuous lights begin and it emotionally alters the residents of Cicely. Joel is very upset when the state of Alaska refuses his request for vacation time. He responds by refusing to see any patients.

Family Feud: The Raven and The Bear clans feud over a totem pole. Shelly is upset by her reoccurring dreams of dancers.

Homesick: Maggie believes she has cured Mike instead of killing him like the other men in her life. Maurice's past comes back to haunt him when he moves his childhood home to Cicely.

The Big Feast: To celebrate his communications company, Maurice throws a big party. Everyone is invited except for Joel. Marilyn gets ill from the appetizers.

Kaddish, For Uncle Manny: Cicely comes together to help Joel find 10 Jews to say Kaddish for his Uncle Manny. Chris's brother Bernard is called in to help settle a feud that has been going on for 10 years.

Mud and Blood: Spring fever hits Cicely just in time for the Mosquito Festival. Holling has the urge to plant something new so he takes a job on a farm. His job stops when Shelly makes an announcement.

Sleeping With The Enemy: Maurice refuses to bless the marriage of his Korean son because the father of the bride was a war foe. Holling does not know what to do when Shelly refuses to have sex with him.

Old Tree: The town's oldest tree is dying and the residents ask Joel to do something. Only Maurice is happy 'Old Vicky' is dying. The residents put together a wake for the tree.

Special Features:
-Gag Reel #1
-Gag Reel #2
-Deleted and extended scenes

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