Penn and Teller: Bullsh*t – The Complete Sixth Season

Illusionists Penn and Teller examine the American population in such an entertaining way that most will forgive that it truly is a thinking man's show. They show us how the products that we are told are wonderful and that we cannot live without are really just loads of crap. They use humour to let us know that many things are just completely bogus and useless.

Episode 1: War on Porn: Penn and Teller look at groups who are crusading against freedom of speech on the internet.

Episode 2: New Age Medicine: Penn and Teller are skeptical about New Age medicine and all that it claims it can do.

Episode 3: NASA: Penn and Teller take a look at this government agency that does things that a private company can do for much cheaper.

Episode 4: Dolphins: The numerous myths about dolphins and what they can do are debunked.

Episode 5: Sleep, Inc: Penn and Teller examine how expensive it has gotten to get a good night's sleep.

Episode 6: Being Green: Penn and Teller try to discover what is truthful and what is false about the green movement.

Episode 7: Sensitivity Training: Sensitivity training is shown to be a load of politically correct bunk.

Episode 8: Stranger Danger: How this world is safer for young kids than it has ever been.

Episode 9: World Peace: Penn and Teller argue that world peace really is not possible as it goes against human nature.

Episode 10: Good Ol' Days: Shows how the good old days never really existed but are figments of our shoddy memories.

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