Perry Mason: Season 5 – Volume 1

Has there been a more brilliant lawyer in the courtroom, on the page or on television? I think not! Perry Mason is the coolest lawyer going. He always wins going up against worthy adversaries like prosecutor Hamilton Burger and Lieutenant Tragg. A lawyer like this needs his friends and loyal secretary Della Street and private investigator Paul Drake provide him with all the support he needs to win his cases.

Episode 1: The Case of the Jealous Journalist: A newspaper publisher dies and his family fights for control of his paper. Tragically this leads to a murder by one of them.

Episode 2: The Case of the Impatient Partner: A mysterious fire causes a paint manufacturer to hire Perry (played by Raymond Burr) to investigate his partner.

Episode 3: The Case of the Missing Melody: A bride runs away at a wedding that Perry and Della (played by Barbara Hale) are at and when they catch up with her she says she fled because she spied a blackmailer in the crowd.

Episode 4: The Case of the Malicious Mariner: During a storm the first officer orders the crew to throw the cargo overboard and he is charged with the loss of some valuable freight.

Episode 5: The Case of the Crying Comedian: A comedian hires Perry to defend a woman who after she is released from a sanitarium is charged with the murder of her husband.

Episode 6: The Case of the Meddling Medium: A con artist is killed and Perry has to use a parapsychologist to help him solve the case.

Episode 7: The Case of the Pathetic Patient: Perry defends a doctor accused of malpractice.

Episode 8: The Case of the Travelling Treasure: Perry's vacation is ended quickly when a friend of his is charged with the murder of a gold smuggler.

Episode 9: The Case of the Posthumous Painter: An artist pretends he is dead in order to raise the price of his paintings.

Episode 10: The Case of the Injured Innocent: A rich race car owner is accused of murdering his driver who wrecked a test car.

Episode 11: The Case of the Left-Handed Liar: A health club owner is murdered with a dumbbell after he said that he believed that an employee was forging company checks.

Episode 12: The Case of the Brazen Bequest: A woman arrives on a college campus and threatens to release some embarrassing information about the college's president's past.

Episode 13: The Case of the Renegade Refugee: While trying to find a Nazi war criminal a journalist is murdered.

Episode 14: The Case of the Unwelcome Bride: A millionaire's son is murdered and he believes it was his fiance.

Episode 15: The Case of the Roving River: A land dispute is going on in a desert community and Perry is brought in on the case.

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