Perry Mason: Season Three – Volume 2

If you've got an impossible legal case then lawyer Perry Mason (played by Raymond Burr) is your man. With the help of his crack team, secretary Della Street (played by Barbara Hale) and investigator Paul Drake (played by William Hooper), Mason wins cases no one else can.

Episode 13: The Case of the Wayward Wife: Ben Sutton (played by Richard Shannon), the author of a best-selling novel telling of his experiences in a Korean POW camp, is murdered and his widow is arrested for his murder.

Episode 14: The Case of the Prudent Prosecutor: District Attourney Hamilton Burger (played by William Talman) asks Perry to defend an old friend who had saved his life 10 years ago.

Episode 15: The Case of the Gallant Grafter: Accountant Robert Doniger (played by Phillip Terry) is discovered to be embezzling and is murdered shortly afterwards.

Episode 16: The Case of the Wary Wildcatter: Charles Huston (played by Byron Palmer) gets away with his wife's murder, but things take a turn for the worse when his sister-in-law is found locked in a room with his dead body.

Episode 17: The Case of the Mythical Monkeys: The secretary of author Mauvis Meade (played by Beverly Garland), Gladys Doyle (played by Louise Fletcher), is sent to a cabin to pick something up only to discover a dead body there.

Episode 18: The Case of the Singing Skirt: Some shady stuff is going on at The Big Barn, a casino, and worker Betty (played by Joan O'Brien) is in danger because she knows plenty about it.

Episode 19: The Case of the Bashful Burro: Perry travels to the goldmining town of Placer City for one case and gets mixed up in a murder while there.

Episode 20: The Case of the Crying Cherub: After the thief of a valuable painting is found murdered, a museum employee and her boyfriend are charged with the murder.

Episode 21: The Case of the Nimble Nephew: Land tycoon Adam Thompson (played by Bert Convy) believes one of his nephews is stealing from his safe only to find out that his second in command was the guilty party, but he turns up dead.

Episode 22: The Case of the Madcap Modiste: A huge name in the fashion industry turns up dead from poison right after embarrassing her husband on television and he is the number one suspect.

Episode 23: The Case of the Slandered Submarine: Several murders occur during the testing of a new Navy submarine.

Episode 24: The Case of the Ominous Outcast: When the son of an infamous robber returns to his hometown everyone is curious about some missing loot.

Episode 25: The Case of the Irate Inventor: James Frazer (played by Tom Coley) wants a divorce from his cheating wife but she won't grant him one. After leaving for three months James comes back to discover her killed on very night he returns.

Episode 26: The Case of the Flighty Father: Trudy Holbrook's (played by Anne Benton) mother dies, leaving her $10 million dollars. Two men surface both claiming to be her long lost father and the only man who could have identified her father turns up dead.

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