Pet Alien: Lighter Side of Doom

Five aliens (Dinko, Gumpers, Swanky, Scruffy, and Flip) from the planet Conforma (sounds like a fun place, doesn't it?!?) crash land their space ship into a lighthouse in the town of Despray Bay. A young boy named Tommy Cadle lives in the lighthouse and at first he is not too thrilled about having to share his hideout with the aliens, but after having his life saved by Dinko when he falls from the top of the lighthouse Tommy comes to appreciate the aliens. This DVD contains 4 episodes from the funny and weird television series.

Episode 1: Box of Doom:
Tommy is hired by Captain Spangley to work part-time at his store. His first duty is to find the Captain's box of Norwegian Jumping Beans. In the meantime, the aliens are positive that a locked box they have found contains something horrible. Tommy thinks it is harmless. Guess who is wrong?

Episode 2: Crater of Doom:
It is school picture day and Tommy has a large zit. Of course, his alien friends want to help and they do – by making it worse!

Episode 3: Sounds of Doom:
Tommy's mom forces him to take accordion lessons, but he finds a way to get around this with the help, he thinks, of Swanky.

Episode 4: Doctor of Doom:
It is time for Tommy's annual flu shot and he does not want to go. The aliens try to make things better for him by bringing their own doctor, the zany Dr. Daffodil, around to see him.

Special Features:
-Trailers for Like Mike 2 and Dr. Dolittle 3

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