Petticoat Junction: The Official First Season

Like The Andy Griffith Show Petticoat Junction introduced us to a world of decent people. The series takes place at the Shady Rest Hotel and it is run by the widow Kate Bradley (played by Bea Benaderet), who has three very different daughters, Billie Jo (played by Jeannine Riley), Bobbie Joe (played by Pat Woodall) and Betty Jo (played by Linda Kaye). Having seen better days, the hotel is not very busy and this allows the ladies to get into plenty of sticky situations. The only way to reach the hotel is by the Hooterville Cannonball, a dilapidated train. Though the series was not as popular as the popular The Beverly Hillbillies or Green Acres it is still a good clean fun kind of watch. Fans of classic television will appreciate all the hijinx of the Bradley family.

Episode 1: Spur Line to Shady Rest, Part 1: Homer Bedloe from the C&FW Railroad company arrives in town to figure out why they aren't connected to the main line.

Episode 2: Quick, Hide the Railroad, Part 2: Bedloe tries to shut down the Cannonball.

Episode 3: The President Who Came to Dinner, Part 1: The president of the C&FW railroad comes to town to try his hand at closing the Cannonball.

Episode 4: Is There a Doctor in the Roundhouse?, Part 2: Norman Curtis renders the Cannonball inoperative.

Episode 5: The Courtship of Floyd Smoot: Kate pretends to fall for Floyd after he has a bad experience with a mail-order bride.

Episode 6: Please Buy My Violets: Joe starts a cologne business.

Episode 7: The Ringer: It is the time of year for the Shady Rest Horseshoe Tournament.

Episode 8: Kate's Recipe for Hot Rhubarb: Bobbie Joe gets her nose out of the books and starts to look for a boyfriend.

Episode 9: The Little Train Robbery: Two young bankrobbers target the Cannonball's bank shipment.

Episode 10: Bedloe Strikes Again: Bedloe returns to try and shut down the Cannonball again.

Episode 11: Uncle Joe's Replacement: Uncle Joe thinks that Kate is going to replace him when she hires Herbie Bates to be the assistant manager of the hotel.

Episode 12: Honeymoon Hotel: Uncle Joe tries to turn the hotel into a honeymoon resort.

Episode 13: A Night at the Hooterville Hilton: A brochure about the Shady Rest's future look is sent to the Hooterville travel columnist.

Episode 14: Cannonball Christmas: Bedloe wants to stop the Cannonball from making its traditional Christmas Carolling Tour.

Episode 15: Herbie Get Drafted: Herbie, who likes Billie Jo, has just been drafted.

Episode 16: Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik: Beatnik poet Alan Landman catches Bobbie Jo's eye.

Episode 17: My Daughter the Doctor, Part 1: Billie Jo gets the $500 her father set aside for his first born to go to medical school but she dreams of acting.

Episode 18: Hooterville vs. Hollywood, Part 2: Kate inquires to see if she can legally stop Billie Jo from going to Hollywood.

Episode 19: Visit from a Big Star: A big movie star tries to escape all the hustle and bustle by hiding out at the Shady Rest.

Episode 20: Last Chance Farm: Uncle Joe tells two plump ladies that the Shady Rest is a fat farm.

Episode 21: The Very Old Antique: Bedloe returns with a retired railroad tycoon who is interested in purchasing the Cannonball.

Episode 22: The Art Game: After an art dealer buys one of Uncle Joe's paintings merely for the frame Uncle Joe mistakenly believes he has a new career.

Episode 23: Betty Jo's First Love: Betty Jo goes through her first crush.

Episode 24: Behind all Silver, There's a Cloud Lining: Uncle Joe tries to attract more people to the Shady Rest by circulating a false rumour of a silver strike.

Episode 25: The Talent Contest: Uncle Joe promotes a talent contest that he is trying to ensure that one of his three nieces wins.

Episode 26: Kate and the Manpower Problem: An old school friend believes that it is time Kate marries again so she tells her daughters to gather some prospective husbands.

Episode 27: The Ladybugs: Uncle Joe tries to profit off of Beatlemania by having his nieces put on a show called The Ladybugs.

Episode 28: The Hooterville Flivverball: Uncle Joe goes about bankrupting the Cannonball by starting his own railroad.

Episode 29: Kate the Stockholder: Bedloe becomes the superintendent of the Cannonball.

Episode 30: Kate and the Dowager: Unless socialite Clara Watkins recommends the Shady Rest to her friends the bank will not loan Kate anymore money.

Episode 31: Charley Abandons the Cannonball: Charley quits his job as engineer of the Cannonball.

Episode 32: Dog Days at Shady Rest: Railroad president Norman Curtis sends his dogs off to Shady Rest.

Episode 33: A Millionaire for Kate: Kate receives a visit from an old schoolmate who is now a millionaire but Uncle Joe thinks he is a con man.

Episode 34: Bedloe and Son: When Bedloe comes to town with his son Homer Jr. everyone soon realizes he is just a devious as his father.

Episode 35: Local Girl Makes Good: Mary Jane Hastings, now a business executive, returns to town and impresses everyone with the way she handles the men.

Episode 36: Cave Woman, Part 1: Kate is trapped in a cave.

Episode 37: Kate Flat on Her Back, Part 2: Kate is still trying her best to get the Shady Rest selected as the site for the big convention.

Episode 38: The Genghis Keane Story: A former teacher returns from Europe and Kate realizes he is not as awful as she used to think.

Special Features: THE HISTORY OF PAUL HENNING AND HOOTERVILLE, Trivia Packed Introductions By Actress Linda Kaye Henning, Text/Photo Galleries, Photographs

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