Picket Fences: Season One

After watching this series you would be inclined to believe that life in a small town is not a boring as you had previously thought. For a small town, there is always something happening in Rome, Wisconsin. The town is full of murder, mystery and quirky characters. Of course, the fact that the series contains odd characters should not come as a surprise as the people behind Boston Legal, The Practice, Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope, and Boston Public created it. David E. Kelley et al. know weird. The series is centered around the Brock family, led by Sheriff Jimmy Brock (Tom Skerritt – Steel Magnolias, Contact), and how their fingers seem to be in everything that occurs in the town. This season features guest appearances by Fyvush Finkel, Concetta Tomei, Harry Smith, and Jessica Tuck.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Pilot (Special Extended Episode): A famous rock duo arrives in Rome, Wisconsin causing much excitement. The Tin Man is murdered at the community theatre staging of The Wizard of Oz.

Episode 2: The Green Bay Chopper: The FBI comes to Rome after a classmate of Zach's (Adam Wylie – All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Kindergarten Cop) brings a severed human hand to class for show and tell. Max (Lauren Holly – Dumb and Dumber, The Chumscrubbers) does her own investigating.

Episode 3: Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town: A dwarf comes riding into town on an elephant he stole from the circus as he felt it was being abused. Max finds herself attracted to the dwarf.

Disc Two:
Episode 4: The Autumn of Rome: Smear campaigns are in abundance during the Rome mayoral campaign. So much so that it causes Sheriff Brock to consider running.

Episode 5: Frank, The Potato Man: There is a serial bather in Rome who Sheriff Brock is having a hard time catching.

Episode 6: Remembering Rosemary: A ten-year-old murder case is reopened because the mute maid of the victim utters her first word in years and it is "murder".

Episode 7: The Contenders: Jill (Kathy Baker – All the King's Men, 13 Going On 30) decides to run for mayor. Kenny (Costas Mandylor – Saw III, Soapdish) agrees to box a former world heavyweight champion who is on the run for tax evasion.

Disc Three:
Episode 8: Sacred Hearts: A Catholic nun is on trial for murder after she euthanizes a terminally ill person. Judge Bone (Ray Walston – Of Mice and Men – 1992, Fast Times At Ridgemont High) and Jill both have trouble with the case and how they feel about it.
Episode 9: Thanksgiving: Wambaugh (Fyvush Finkel – from television's Boston Public) finds his wife in bed with another man. Jill's father arrives for Thanksgiving dinner and announces that he is marrying a 26-year-old.

Episode 10: Snake Lady: Max is investigating a potential murder when she finds herself attracted to the dead woman's husband (Tom Verica – Zodiac, Flags of Our Fathers).

Episode 11: Pageantry: The townspeople are horrified when a schoolteacher is discovered to be a transsexual.

Disc Four:
Episode 12: High Tidings: Sheriff Brock catches Kimberly (Holly Marie Combs – from television's Charmed) having sex. Kimberly's birthmother, Lydia (Cristine Rose – from television's Heroes), comes to town.

Episode 13: Frog Man: Sheriff Brock, Max and Kenny are investigating the case of the Frog Man. The Frog Man is a burglar who always leaves live frogs behind.

Episode 14: Bad Moons Rising: Wambaugh tries to defend a woman who ran over her husband with a steamroller and they use the Menopause defense.

Episode 15: Nuclear Meltdown. Kenny starts dating twins with a psychic connection. The town is upset at a religious group that sacrifices animals at their ceremony.

Disc Five:
Episode 16: The Body Politic: Max and Kenny discover that a man is keeping the body of his brain dead wife alive so that she can give birth to their child. The town's dentist is discovered to be HIV positive.

Episode 17: Be My Valentine: Max goes undercover to try and help catch a serial killer dubbed "Cupid". She is so desperate to meet someone that Max puts an ad in the personals.

Episode 18: Fetal Attraction: Jill finds herself in the middle of a moral debate when she asks another doctor to perform a fetal tissue transplant.

Episode 19: Sightings: The body of a sheriff who disappeared 35 years ago is discovered. Exposure is the cause of death according to the town coroner, Carter Pike (Kelly Connell – Spider-Man 2, K-PAX).

Disc Six:
Episode 20: Rights of Passage: An Indian tribe starts a war against the residents of Rome when the city allows a golf course expansion on their sacred burial ground. Matthew (Justin Shenkarow – appeared in episodes of Who's The Boss?, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) faces a school bully in order to defend his brother.

Episode 21: Sugar & Spice: Kimberly begins to have questions about her sexuality when she kisses her best friend. After finding out that she did not get the Under Sheriff position because she is a woman makes Max furious.

Episode 22: The Lullaby League: When a patient finds out that a pig's liver was used to save her life she is angry at Jill. Max wants to adopt a baby whose mother is fleeing the FBI.

Special Features:
-All Roads Lead to Rome

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