Power Rangers: Collision Course: Volume 4

Something strange has happened in Reefside. A recent meteor collision with earth has had some bizarre effects on the inhabitants of Reefside, especially on the Power Rangers. Conner, Ethan and Kira's personalities are completely transformed: Connor becomes and intellectual, Ethan turns into a jock and Kira acquires a new sense of style. At the same time, Dr. Oliver has been captured and fossilized. When he is finally freed, it is apparent that he also suffered a drastic transformation: Dr. Oliver is stuck in morphed form. Naturally, the bad guys take advantage of the situation to cause chaos throughout Reefside. Will the Power Rangers be able to right all wrong and save the day? You bet they will, with unbeatable Dino Thunder power!

Special Features:

– Exclusive preview of the next season, featuring a whole new Power Rangers team!
– "Return Of The Ranger" : Explore different characteristics of the Rangers.
– "Ninja Moves" : A tutorial featuring various karate moves that you can learn step by step.

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