Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Power Rangers are back, with a new team of super fighters, in Dino Thunder. This DVD features 3 episodes: "Day Od The Dino (parts 1 and 2)" and "Wave Goodbye". The first episode marks the unison of the Dino Thunder trio. Three unsuspecting students from Reefside High are sent to detention. Their punishment is to visit a museum with the new professor, Dr. Tommy Oliver. While on the field trip, they stumble upon a mysterious cavern, which holds 3 enchanted gems. Little do they realize that in taking possession of these gems, Kira, Conner and Ethan, are changing their destiny… They soon realize that the removal of the gems from their habitat has caused evil reptilians to emerge and try to take over the world. Eventually they learn that Dr. Oliver was responsible for the creation of these beasts, but that they had been reprogrammed to destroy the world. Dr. Oliver tells the group that only they can defeat these monsters, because they have become Power Rangers: Kira the Yellow Power Ranger, Conner the Red Power Ranger, and Ethan the Blue Power Ranger. The second episode is a continuation of the first, where the Power Rangers must overthrow Mesogog, the reptilian rogue, and his entire robotic empire. The team must work together, despite their differences, to combat the forced of evil.

The DVD also comes with unique special features. "Virtual Dino Thunder Trading Cards" is a one stop shop for true Power Rangers fans. Instead of paper trading cards, these ones are completely virtual. Click on one of the characters' cards and get stats on all sorts of information: characteristics, abilities, accessories, vehicles, and rank. Even though cards for each character are shown, certain ones can only be accessed with Days of The Dino: Volume II.

"Ninja Moves" is another interactive feature on this DVD. Here, the viewer is shown key moves that the Power Rangers use. There are two sequences available: "Knife Hand Kata" and "Middle Block Kata", the former being a set of attack moves, and the latter defense moves. The sequences are demonstrated by a Ninja, and are done slowly enough so that the viewer can follow the steps.

There are also two bonus episodes: "The Storm Before the Calm (parts 1 and 2)", from the Power Rangers: Ninja Storm series. This features the full set of Power Rangers: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black , Green and Pink. These episodes revolved around the same concept as Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, with an added emphasis on Ninja moves.

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