Power Rangers – Mystic Force: Legendary Catastros – Volume 2

I thought this animated/live action series was a thing of the past! Apparently I was wrong. The latest incarnation is shot in Australia and is a popular television series backed by the Walt Disney Studios. The story follows 5 brave teenagers with special powers who band together to fight the powers of darkness. They are helped by a magical book and a wise older female, who guides them with all their battles. Besides evil they battle monsters and dragons as well as a host of other creatures all while keeping their Power Ranger identities a secret from everyone.

Episode 1: Legendary Catastros:
Director: Charles Haskell

Nick (Firass Dirani – The Marine, Pitch Black) and the famous horse Catastros are thrown into another dimension together by the evil forces. While the remaining Power Rangers try to find him, Nick tries to get back home and over his fear of Catastros. The Power Rangers need Nick back in order to stop Morticon's (Andrew Robertt – appeared in episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess and Street Legal) plan to get out of the pit.

Episode 2: The Gatekeeper:
Director: Andrew Merrifield

The person who possesses the power of the Gatekeeper is about to be named. The forces of good and evil both are willing to do battle to control this power.

Episode 3: The Gatekeeper II:
Director: Andrew Merrifield

Morticon has managed to get out of the pit. Clare (Antonia Prebble – has appeared in other British television series) is shown to be the new Gatekeeper and she discovers that her mother's spirit is alive within her. She tries desperately to keep the gate from being opened. Nick ends up doing battle with Morticon.

Special Features:
-Bonus Episode: Whispering Voices
-Sneak Peeks of Roving Mars, Yin Yang Yo!, Robin Hood: Special Edition, Ratatouille, Peter Pan: Special Edition, Meet the Robinsons, Cars, and Air Buddies

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