Prison Break: The Final Season – Four

All good things come to an end and this television series about two brothers trying to clear their names while staying one step ahead of the law captured the imagination of many when it first started. Now it seems like the story has run its course and the end is near. There is still one last season to watch. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Scylla: T-Bag (played by Robert Knepper), Bellick (played by Wade Williams) and Sucre (played by Amaury Nolasco) go missing.

Episode 2: Breaking and Entering: Wyatt (played by Cress Williams) continues looking for his brothers.

Episode 3: Shut Down: T-Bag tries to make a new identity and life for himself.

Episode 4: Eagles and Angels: T-Bag arrives in Los Angeles and runs into Michael (played by Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (played by Dominic Purcell).

Episode 5: Safe and Sound: Mahone (played by William Fichtner) continues his quest for revenge.

Episode 6: Blow Out: The plan might be in jeopardy when Mahone gets in trouble with the law.

Episode 7: Five the Hard Way: Gretchen (played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) recruits T-Bag.

Episode 8: The Price: Michael and Self (played by Michael Rapaport) are forced to work for Gretchen.

Episode 9: Greatness Achieved: Michael's condition gets worse.

Episode 10: The Legend: Sucre and Lincoln have no choice but to take charge of the plan as Sara (played by Sarah Wayne Callies) is forced to take Michael to the hospital.

Episode 11: Quiet Riot: Michael risks his life when he breaks into the Company's headquarters.

Episode 12: Selfless: Sara takes a hostage with the goal of getting Scylla.

Episode 13: Deal or No Deal: T-Bag takes on a new partner.

Episode 14: Just Business: Gretchen and Self have possession of Scylla and a potential buyer.

Episode 15: Going Under: Michael gets some medical attention.

Episode 16: The Sunshine State: While Sara is looking for Michael he finds out some startling stuff about himself.

Episode 17: The Mother Lode: Michael and Sara travel to Miami and Lincoln meets his mother (played by Kathleen Quinlan).

Episode 18: Vs: Christine puts his plan into action.

Episode 19: S.O.B.: The General (played by Leon Russom) arrives in Miami.

Episode 20: Cowboys and Indians: Chaos breaks out at the energy convention.

Episode 21: Rates of Exchange: Michael is forced to choose between Lincoln and Sara…or is he?

Episode 22: Killing Your Number (Extended Cut): Kellerman (played by Paul Adelstein) reappears and he offers to help Michael. Should Michael trust him?

Special Features: Fade Out: The Final Episode, The Plan, The Execution and the Bullet, Director's World

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