Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud

There is a new take on the age old Hatfield and McCoy feud and this time Pumpkinhead is involved. Jodie Hatfield (Amy Manson) and Ricky McCoy (Bradley Taylor) have fallen in love despite the feud between their families. They sneak off in the woods to have some time together with Ricky's younger sister Sara (Maria Roman) as a lookout. On one such a night when the two lovers are together, Sara is discovered by two of the Hatfield brothers and during the ensuing chase she falls and hits her head violently on a tree trunk. Sara is dead. Once Ricky finds her body and figures out who killed her he is consumed with rage. He brings her lifeless body deep into the woods to the house of Haggis (Lynne Verrall – appeared in episodes of General Hospital), a very old woman who is thought to be a witch. Ricky commands Haggis to call upon Pumpkinhead to do his bidding to kill all Hatfields except Jodie. Haggis warns Ricky that he will have a steep price to pay and that once Pumpkinhead is called he cannot be stopped until every Hatfield is dead. Ricky and Jodie soon learn that vengeance is never pretty.

During the 80s Pumpkinhead came out and was an enjoyable horror film. Not one that you would ever list as one of the best ever, but entertaining. They have now decided to resurrect the character for some new straight-to-video films, but they should have left better off alone. The story for this one is a combination of Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare must be spinning in his grave!) and the feud of the Hatfields and the McCoys. It takes quite a while for the monster to appear and when it does there is nothing really frightening about it. The scenes of Pumpkinhead killing the Hatfields are really anticlimactical. No tension, no lead up, just flat. When you have a horror film of this sorts everything hinges on how scary the monster/bad guy is. Though Pumpkinhead looks kinda like the alien in the "Alien" series it is no way near as scary. This cheesiness is amplified by the horrible acting in the movie. It is a horror film and we are not expecting Sir Lawrence Olivier, but some talent would be nice!

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