Rawhide: The Third Season – Volume 2

The old west is the backdrop for this television series starring Clint Eastwood. Gil Flavor (played by Eric Fleming) is the boss and Rowdy Yates (played by Clint Eastwood) is the cowhand that drive a herd of cattle across the dusty old west. Much adventure and danger is found along the way.

Episode 16: Incident on the Road Back: The men are getting ready for the next drive.

Episode 17: Incident of the New Start: Jubal Wade (played by John Dehner) demands to be boss on the next drive.

Episode 18: Incident of the Running Iron: Quince (played by Steve Raines) scares off a rustler and then is himself arrested.

Episode 19: Incident Near Gloomy River: Cal (played by John Cassavetes) believes that Frank Travis (played by Leif Erickson) is trying to run them off.

Episode 20: Incident of the Boomerang: Ruthann's (played by Patricia Medina) past is a bit sketchy.

Episode 21: Incident of His Brother's Keeper: Paul Evans (played by Jack Lord) is in a wheelchair.

Episode 22: Incident in the Middle of Nowhere: Favor and Rowdy come upon a ballet in the middle of nowhere.

Episode 23: Incident of the Phantom Bugler: Mary (played by Kathie Brown), the judge's daughter, is married to Brian and is not happy.

Episode 24: Incident of the Lost Idol: Two bounty hunters are following Billy Manson (played by Doug Lambert) and his family hoping to locate their missing father.

Episode 25: Incident of the Running Man: The deputy is shot and Rowdy, who was handcuffed to him, is charged with his murder.

Episode 26: Incident of the Painted Lady: The Baxter Springs Cattlemen Association will not help Favor out of a jam.

Episode 27: Incident Before Black Pass: The Kiowa capture Pete (played by Sheb Wooley) and Rowdy.

Episode 28: Incident of the Blackstorms: Sy Blackstorm (played by Stephen McNally) sends a message that he is coming for his son at sunrise.

Episode 29: Incident of the Night on the Town: Judge Akins (played by Ralph Dumke) informs Favor that he has some of Mrs. North's (played by Margaret Hayes) cattle.

Episode 30: Incident of the Wager on Payday: Sidney Proctor (played by Stephen Joyce) begins robbing his father's banks as a joke.

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