Reba: The Complete Sixth Season

Country music superstar Reba MacIntyre showed that she has talent in many different areas with her own television show. She handled acting and physical comedy very well in this popular television show, which is still running in syndication. The trials and tribulations of a single mother who has an adult daughter, her husband and child living with her and her ex-husband and his crazy wife living next door are on full display for us to be amused by. This season is quite different from the other ones but still enjoyable.

Episode 1: Let's Get Physical: Once Barbara Jean (played by Melissa Peterman) loses a bunch of weight Reba worries that she will be the fat friend, so she starts trying to eat healthy.

Episode 2: Just Business: The largest real estate company in town calls Van (played by Steve Howey) and Reba in for interviews. Only Van finds out later that they just want him.

Episode 3: Trading Spaces: Van declines the offer at the large real estate company but decides to open his own agency out of the garage and asks Reba to join him.

Episode 4: Roll With It: Kyra (played by Scarlett Pomers) moves back in with Reba just as Cheyenne (played by Joanna Garcia) and Van decide to move out.

Episode 5: The Break-Up: After some constant pressure, Van decides to work for Steve Norris.

Episode 6: Sweet Child O' Mine: Cheyenne is driving Van crazy with her endless list of things to do before the baby is born.

Episode 7: Locked and Loaded: Brock (played by Christopher Rich) turns to Reba for some advice on how to get the spark back into his marriage.

Episode 8: As We Forgive Those…: Finding out that they are having a boy, Cheyenne and Van try to figure out a way not to name it Brock.

Episode 9: Bullets Over Brock: Brock living in Reba's garage in order to not fight with Barbara Jean is not allowing Reba to follow her doctor's order of reducing her stress to keep her blood pressure low.

Episode 10: Cheyenne's Rival: Brock and Barbara Jean decide to go out on a divorce date.

Episode 11: The Housewarming: When Cheyenne and Van move out they have to deal with Reba constantly coming over uninvited.

Episode 12: She's With the Band: Reba and Brock don't know how to react when Kyra tells them she is postponing college in order to tour with her band.

Episode 13: The Kids Are Alright: While trying to repair things in his new house, Van causes a fire and he, Cheyenne and the kids have to move back in with Reba.

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