Reno 911!: Miami – The Movie

Most of us will admit to being in the mood for 'dumb' every so often. When that mood hits you next pick up this movie as it fit's the 'dumb' bill. All the humour in it is of the crazy/silly/crass/low brow variety. How else could you describe slapstick humour that deals with farting and vomit? It has not plot, but who cares? Certainly not the writer/director Robert Ben Garant (Balls of Fury), so if he doesn't why should we?

Some of the dumbest deputies from Nevada go south to Miami because the police force there has been quarantined. Lt. Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon – Herbie Fully Loaded, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) leads his troop of mishap deputies to the cop convention in Reno and soon they are the only hope for the citizens of South Beach.

A terrorist group attacks the police convention in Miami happening during Spring Break. As the gang from Reno have been pretty much shunned by the other law enforcement officers they are spared from the biological attack. Quickly they are deputized and put on the case to find the antidote for the biological weapon. Needless to say, these dopes are in way over their heads.

This is either pure fluff or a fairly smart parody of the reality show "Cops". I cannot decide. Originally a hit television show on Comedy Central, it is now a film. Rather than a coherent film this is more like a bunch of skits just strung together. Now, I am not complaining, but it had to be pointed out. It almost feels like the actor are totally ad-lobbing in many of the scenes, which give them a wild and I'm-not-really-sure-where-this-is-going kind of feel.

Keep your eyes open for the large number of cameos that happen in the film. People like Danny DeVito, Paul Rudd, Patton Oswalt, Paul Reubens, and Michael Ian Black show up.

This is not groundbreaking comedy, but a fun watch if you are in the mood for what it has to offer.

Special Features:
-Extended scenes
-Public Service Announcements
-Fox Movie Channel Presents World Premiere
-Trailers for Family Guy and Grandma's Boy

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