Restoring Old Flames: Part 2

So now we fast-forward twenty years into the present; Julie left her phone number along with a New York area code on my answering machine. I really wasn't sure about who I was calling until she picked up the phone and we started chatting about our past and present. The connection was instant, and I don't mean the telephone line. We were on the same wavelength, it was as if we never stopped being best friends. We decided to get together in Montreal and met at a local eatery on St.Laurent Blvd. Dinner was wonderful and led to a very memorable party on top of Mount Royal. There is nothing better then to have someone special beside you in order to enjoy that remarkable vista of tall buildings strung with lights stretching across the inky black horizon. I remember I could barely keep my eyes off Julie while she drank in every detail I pointed out to her on that magical night.
On our first date I asked Julie how she'd feel about having a long-distance relationship with me. I don't think she took me very seriously and never really bothered to give me a straight or complete answer. The problem was that I was very serious and I didn't want to waste any more time. I decided that loving Julie from afar was a necessary part of my life and I made it happen. I guess that hard worked paid off because a few months later Julie brought up the idea of beginning a mutually exclusive relationship with me and of course I agreed. The sparks continued to fly whenever we got together and things never seemed to lose that fresh flush of pleasure; there is definitely some sort of intangible intensity that you can only have with a handful of people in your life. My advice is to cherish those extraordinary moments as long as you can, and hold on to those special people every time chance puts them in your path.

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