Return From Witch Mountain: Special Edition

After the success of Disney's "Escape to Witch Mountain" it was obvious that a sequel was to be made. It's an interesting concept to make what is essentially a sci-fi film for kids.

Tony (Ike Iesenmann – Race to Witch Mountain – 2009, Tom and Huck) and Tia (Kim Richards – Black Snake Moan, Meatballs Part II) have not been back to Earth for a couple of years. They are back for some rest and relaxation. Only they are not going to get much of either.

A scientist named Victor (Christopher Lee – The Golden Compass, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) gets to talking to Letha (Bette Davis – Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Pocketful of Miracles) about how they can make some money. Letha used to be rich, but lost her money after funding Victor's attempt to discover a way to manipulate and control people to do his bidding. Victor is using Letha's nephew Sickle (Anthony James – Unforgiven, Blue Thunder) as a test subject. Tia senses that something is wrong. Tony ends up saving Sickle from falling to his death.

Victor sees that Tony has special powers and drugs and nabs him. Tia can no longer sense her brother and goes off looking for him. She saves some kids while looking for her brother and they agree to help her. Victor is now in total control of Tony and he and Letha want to use Tony and his powers to steal anything they want.

The city of Los Angeles is on the brink of a nuclear disaster and an evil duo exploit that danger in order to get a young boy with special powers to do things for their benefit. The boy's sister and a group of truant youths do their best to save the city.

What else would you expect from Disney, but some decent family entertainment? It is a film that is best seen when you are young and less cynical, but still enjoyable not matter what age you are. It is a film that you might have seen when you were younger and it will have held up over the years. They unfortunately don't make films like this anymore.

Special Features:
-All-New-Pop-Up Fun Facts
-Making the Return Trip
-The Gang's Back in Town
-Disney Kids with Powers
-"The Eyes Have It"
-Lost Treasure: Christopher Lee, The Lost Interview
-1978 Disney Studio Album

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