Robin Hood: Season Three

At the end of season two Marion was murdered and its effect is felt throughout season three. The battle for control continues. Robin (played by Jonas Armstrong) and his band of merry men continue to fight against the evil that is Sherriff of Nottingham (played by Keith Allen). Season three involves battles, betrayals, loss of faith, new characters, attempts at vengeance, and alliances.

Episode 1: Total Eclipse: Robin disbands his band of merry men because all he wants to exact revenge on Gisborne (played by Richard Armitage).

Episode 2: Cause and Effect: The Sherriff has decided to sell all the men from his area to Finn (played by William Houston), the rightful King of Ireland.

Episode 3: Lost in Translation: Tuck (played by David Harewood) is arrested and tortured then released in order to convince Abbot (played by David Hayman) to betray Robin.

Episode 4: The Sins of the Father: The Sherriff has hired a new tax collector, Rufus (played by Bill Ward), in order to get more money from the villagers.

Episode 5: Let the Games Commence: Robin is intrigued by the arrival a new and mysterious woman, who is being followed by nasty looking men.

Episode 6: Do You Love Me?: Prince John (played by Toby Stephens) arrives in the village and attempts to play the Sherriff and Gisborne against one another.

Episode 7: Too Hot to Handle: During a heatwave, the cruel Prince John blocks the villagers water.

Episode 8: The King is Dead, Long Live the King: News arrives in town that King Richard is dead.

Episode 9: A Dangerous Deal: Gisborne is awaiting his execution and he meets a man who makes an impression upon him.

Episode 10: Bad Blood: Gisborne and Robin are captured by an unknown man.

Episode 11: The Enemy of My Enemy: Robin announces to his men that Gisborne is part of the band.

Episode 12: Something Worth Fighting For, Part 1: Gisborne divulges a secret in order to help Robin and his men.

Episode 13: Something Worth Fighting For, Part 2: A battle begins when the Sherriff attacks the castle.

Special Features: A Legend Reborn, A New Look, Trebuchet: Creating Chaos, Character Profiles, and Video Diaries

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