Rules of Engagement: The Complete Second Season

We get to see all the sides of relationships with this sitcom. It involves a dedicated bachelor, a newly engaged couple and a couple that has been married for many years. The humour in the series all comes from the oftentimes hilarious circumstances surrounding dating, marriage and the battle of the sexes.

Though I don't know anyone who actually watched this show I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with it. It is funny and very likable. Even David Spade is not too annoying.

Episode 1: Flirting with Disaster: Audrey (played by Megyn Price) suggests that she and Jeff (played by Patrick Warburton) sleep in different rooms because she is not getting any sleep due to his snoring.

Episode 2: Audrey's Sister: Russell (played by David Spade) tries every trick in the book to get Audrey's sister (played by Heather Locklear) to have a one night stand with him.

Episode 3: Mr. Fix It: Jennifer (played by Bianca Kajlich) and Adam (played by Oliver Hudson) have trouble making a sex tape.

Episode 4: Guy Code: Audrey learns about the 'guy code'.

Episode 5: Bag Ladies: Russell is dating a girl that he knows nothing about.

Episode 6: Old School Jeff: Jeff has to choose between going out for a guys night or going to a wedding.

Episode 7: Engagement Party: Jennifer and Adam agree to let Audrey throw them an engagement part in the hopes of getting stuff for their apartment.

Episode 8: Fix-Up & Downs: Audrey and Jennifer engage in some matchmaking, but things become out of control when Jeff and Adam become involved.

Episode 9: A Visit from Fay: Adam's mother (played by Peggy Lipton) comes for a visit.

Episode 10: Time Share: Jennifer and Adam agree to go on a trip with Jeff and Audrey, but end up regretting it.

Episode 11: Jen at Work: Russell and Jeff tell Adam that it is not a good idea hiring Jennifer to do an ad campaign.

Episode 12: Optimal Male: In order to qualify for a better rate on his life insurance, Jeff goes all out to try to lose a few pounds.

Episode 13: Russell's Father's Son: Russell is jealous when his father (played by Geoffrey Pierson) comes for a visit and seems to like Adam more than him.

Episode 14: Buyer's Remorse: Adam and Jennifer find out that there is an apartment in their building that they can buy.

Episode 15: Pimp My Bride: Adam and Jennifer pick a wedding date.

Special Features:
-Trailers for Newsradio, Look Who's Talking, Different Strokes, and Short But Sweet

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