Rush: R30

How time flies! This DVD was shot in Frankfurt, Germany in 2004 at the end of Rush's 30th anniversary tour. Hard to believe that this world-famous Canadian trio have been around for that long. Always an imaginative act, the DVD starts off with cool intro graphics and a film introduction by Jerry Stiller (Ben Stiller's father or George Costanza's father on 'Seinfeld'). Rush (Geddy Lee – vocals/keyboards/bass/guitar, Neil Peart – drums, Alex Lifeson – guitar) is and has always been a progressive rock band and so their stage show is never dull. Even though the three musicians do not engage in any fancy choreography or rock star poses on stage there is still enough going on to keep it interesting. There is a huge video screen behind the stage which is continuously showing videos or eye-catching graphics. On the stage there is a set which includes 2 working dryers, during one number there are even dueling pirates onstage and a vending machine (I guess you just have to see it). Rounding off the eye candy is an impressive light and laser show. Not showing their age, Rush leads us through a 22 number or two-hour concert. The sound is top notch and Rush fans should enjoy the show.

Disc One: Concert
1) R30 Overture
2) The Spirit of Radio
3) Force Ten
4) Animate
5) Subdivisions
6) Earth Shines
7) Red Barchetta
8) Roll the Bones
9) The Seeker (Who cover)
10) Tom Sawyer
11) Dreamline
12) Between the Wheels
13) Mystic Rhythms
14) Der Trommler – drum solo
15) Resist (acoustic)
16) Heart Full of Soul (Yardbirds cover – acoustic)
17) 2112
18) Xanadu
19) Working Man
20) Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochrane cover)
21) Cross Road
22) Limelight

Disc Two:
-The Anthem Vault: One: Fly By Night
Finding My Way
In the Mood
La Villa Strangiato

Two: A Farewell to Kings
The Spirit of Radio
Closer to the Heart

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