Russell Brand: In New York – Extended + Uncensored

The controversial comedian and scene-stealer of the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Russell Brand is first and foremost a stand-up comedian and he does it well. If you like his style that is. His comedy style is exactly the way he looks. It is chaotic, slightly disturbed and very British (dry, witty and biting). If you really take the time out to pay attention to what he says you will discover that he is quite intelligent and well-spoken. Obviously his well-documented drug problem did not completely fry his brain.

This is his comedy central debut. Brand covers such diverse topics as the difficulty of handling his newfound fame in America, talking about the time he met the Queen and letting women in on how they should approach him. He is best when it seems like he is doing off-the-cuff type of stuff. Brand can make the most mundane thing seem hilarious. There is also the issue of him being totally crude. I thought I'd warn you about it so you are not unpleasantly surprised.

Special Features: Loose Cannon Drunk Girl, She Thinks She's Helping, Oh My God She's Still Doing It, Please, For the Love of God, Shut Up!, An Englishman in N.Y. (Russell Brand in Times Square), The Notorious 2008 Monologue

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