Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1980’s – Volume 1

Waking up early on Saturday mornings kids would rush to their televisions to turn on the cartoons. For the rest of the morning they would remain transfixed in front of the television. Like the clothes and the music, cartoons in the 80s had their own particular look. This is a total trip down memory lane!

Episode 1: Night of the Crystal Skull from Goldie Gold + Action Jack: Several warrior men kidnap Professor Harker from a lavish party, along with two astronauts.

Episode 2: Deadly Dolphin from Chuck Norris: Karate Commandos: Dr. Sanford is kidnapped by Angelfish under orders from Claw.

Episode 3: Tall, Dark + Hansom from the Completely Mental Misdventures of Ed Grimley: Ed takes over his cousin's job driving a carriage around the park, but loses his horse Leonard.

Episode 4: The Bad News Brontos/Invasion of the Mommy Snatchers/Dreamchip's Cur Wash/Princess Wilma from the Flintstone Kids: After losing 99 in a row the Brontos coach quits so the kids try to find another coach. Captain Caveman investigate the mystery of what happened to all the moms in Bedrock who have disappeared. Dino does not enjoy when Dreamchip labels him as just a mutt. Grounded because she has a cold, Wilma dreams of what it would be like to be a princess.

Episode 5: Mystery of the Golden Medallions from Mister T: New member joins the team and pitches in to help solve the mystery of the golden medallions.

Episode 6: As the Worm Turns/Trouble in the Tunnel from the Biskitts: After rescuing a worm Sweets keeps him as a pet. Something very strange is going on under Biskitt Island.

Episode 7: Tickle Pickle from Munchhichis: The Snogs, under orders from Grumplor, try to kidnap Moncho and Kyla as they are playing.

Episode 8: Galtar and the Princess from Galtar and the Golden Lance: Galtar and a princess team up to get a shield back from Tormac.

Episode 9: The Tale of the Enchanted Gift from Dragon's Lair: As Princess Daphne's birthday approaches Dirk the Daring undertakes a quest to find her the greatest gift ever.

Episode 10: Secret of the Black Pearl from Thundarr the Barbarian: Thundarr tries to take the Black Pearl to the humans without getting captured or worse.

Episode 11: Show #1 – Dry Run/Robinson Caruso/High Roller/The Claws Conspiracy/Hat Dance/Dirty's Debut from Kwicky Koala Show: Joey and George try out a new high diving act. Kwicky Koala shows up on the wolf's deserted island. Joey and George try out a high wire act. Bristle and the Hunter try to capture Crazy Claws. Joey and George try out a Mexican hat dance. Dirty Dawg and Ratso try to get a meal from a French café.

Special Features: Lords of Light! – Thundarr the Barbarian, Peanuts 1960s Collection Trailer, Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960's Trailer

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