Saturday Night Live: The Complete Fourth Season

Great skits, great comedians, great hosts and exciting musical guests…what more can be said?

Episode 1: Host Ed Koch and musical guests The Rolling Stones

Episode 2: Host Fred Willard and musical guests Devo

Episode 3: Host and musical guest Frank Zappa

Episode 4: Host Steve Martin and musical guest Van Morrison

Episode 5: Host Carrie Fisher and musical guests The Blues Brothers

Episode 6: Host Walter Matthau

Episode 7: Host Eric Idle and musical guest Kate Bush

Episode 8: Host Elliott Gould and musical guest Peter Tosh

Episode 9: Host Michael Palin and musical guests The Doobie Brothers

Episode 10: Host Cicely Tyson and musical guest The Talking Heads

Episode 11: Host Rick Nelson and musical guest Judy Collins

Episode 12: Host Kate Jackson and musical guest Delbert McClenton

Episode 13: Host Gary Busey and musical guests Hubie Blake and Gregory Hines

Episode 14: Host Margot Kidder and musical guests The Chieftans

Episode 15: Host Richard Benjamin and musical guest Rickie Lee Jones

Episode 16: Host Milton Berle and musical guest Ornet Coleman

Episode 17: host Michael Palin and musical guest James Taylor

Episode 18: Host Maureen Stapleton and musical guests Linda Rondstat and Phoebe Snow

Episode 19: Host Buck Henry and musical guest Bette Midler

Special Features: Today Show Interview with John Belushi, Today Show Interview with Gilda Radner, Tomorrow Show with Walter Williams, Trailers of Quantum Leap Seasons 1-5, Monk: Seasons 1-6, Eureka: Season 2, Heroes: Season 2, Life: Season 1, The Incredible Hulk: Seasons 1-5, 30 Rock: Season 2

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