Scrubs: The Complete Eighth Season – Blu-ray Edition

The final season sees the doctors of Sacred Heart still up to their old tricks. But things are different enough and ever evolving enough that you will want to keep watching. The show does certainly go out while it is still relevant and entertaining.

Episode 1: My Jerks: The new Chief of Medicine (played by Courtney Cox) causes a stir at the hospital.

Episode 2: My Last Words: Dr. Maddox begins to show the type of person she is.

Episode 3: My Saving Grace: Carla (played by Judy Reyes) takes the intern Katie (played by Betsy Beutler) under her wing.

Episode 4: My Happy Place: The Janitor (played by Neil Flynn) makes his return to the hospital.

Episode 5: My ABCs: J.D. (played by Zack Braff) continues to have daydreams starring the Muppets.

Episode 6: My Cookie Pants: Dr. Elliot (played by Sarah Chalke) and J.D. encounter some bumps in their reestablished relationship.

Episode 7: My New Role: Dr. Cox (played by John C. McGinley) tries to make friends with Dr. Kelso (played by Ken Jenkins).

Episode 8: My Lawyer's in Love: Ted (played by Sam Lloyd) falls for a ukulele player.

Episode 9: My Absence: J.D. goes on a mini-vacation.

Episode 10: My Comedy Show: The interns have to perform in the traditional comedy show.

Episode 11: My Nah Nah Nah: Turk (played by Donald Faison) tries an experimental procedure on a patient.

Episode 12: Their Story II: J.D.'s ego is out of control.

Episode 13: My Full Moon: Elliot makes an important decision about her future as a doctor.

Episode 14: My Soul on Fire, Part 1: The Janitor invites the hospital staff to his wedding.

Episode 15: My Soul on Fire, Part 2: The nuptials cause the other couples to think about their relationships.

Episode 16: My Cuz: Turk tries everything to get promoted.

Episode 17: My Chief Concern: J.D. thinks about moving closer to his son.

Episode 18: My Finale, Part 1: J.D. decides to leave Sacred Heart.

Episode 19: My Finale, Part 2: J.D. wonders about his future after he leaves Sacred Heart.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Alternate Lines, Blooper Reel, Webisodes, My Bahamas Vacation, It's All in the Name, Scrubs Interns, Season Play

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