Sesame Street: Firefly Fun and Buggy Buddies

Did you ever think you could watch something fun about bugs? Leave it to the folks at Sesame Street to be able to accomplish this. You won't have to cringe or look away at any point during the three episodes. Just have fun.

Episode 1: Fly, Little Firefly: Trying to figure out how to catch a firefly is stumping Telly and Baby Bear. Once they do it they feel that the firefly is unhappy. It is up to them to find out why.

Episode 2: Slimey's Pet Bug, Dirty: Oscar's pet worm Slimey wants to have his own pet. So they go to the bug shelter, Bug-A-Wee, to pick a bug for Slimey. Shelter worker Nat (voiced by Molly Shannon) helps Slimey pick out a bug.

Episode 3: Elmo's World: Bugs: Simply put, this is all about bugs.

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