Sex and Lies in Sin City: The Ted Binion Scandal

Based on a true story…how many time have we read that? Hollywood has always been interested in filming dramatizations of real life events. If you are not familiar with the details of this Las Vegas case then I'll try not to ruin any of the twists and turns for you.

Sandy (Mena Suvari – Factory Girl, Rumor Has It…) drives to Vegas and proceeds to lose all her money gambling. She decides to dance at a strip joint in order to get her money back. At the strip joint a man approaches her. He (Matthew Modine – Transporter 2, Any Given Sunday) offers her a lot of money to come home with him, but she refuses.

Flash forward to three years later and Sandy comes home to find the man, now her boyfriend, dead of an overdose. The media jumps all over the death because the deceased is Ted Binion, a casino owner. Sandy calls a man named Rick (Jonathon Schaech – Quarantine, That Thing You Do!) to come back and help her. It becomes a real circus when Ted's sister Becky (Marcia Gay Harden – Mona Lisa Smile, Mystic River) announces to the press that Sandy probably had something to do with Ted's death. And so it begins…

The film was made-for-television and so the production values suffer as a result. Considering that it was made to be aired on television the movie is quite racy. Full of stripping, sex and drug use. Modine is a little over-the-top in his role, but maybe so was Binion. Cheesy and silly at times but if you find it on television and don't have other choices then you might come away enjoying it.

Special Features:
-Previews of Damages – Season 1, Rescue Me (Seasons 1-4), The Shield ( Seasons 1-6), Termination Point, The Lazarus Project,
Deep Winter, and Blu-ray Disc is High Definition

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