She Spies: The Complete First Season

How is it a show that was cancelled after just three episodes continued to live on for a second season and is now being released in DVD format you ask. Well, the makers of She Spies have syndication to thank. They did well enough in syndication that the show lived on for another year and a half after it was cancelled by NBC.

For those who have not seen the show, She Spies is all about style and not substance. The general storyline is about three beautiful cons who are released from jail on the condition that they work for a subversive undercover division of the U.S. government as spies. Cassie McBain (Natasha Henstridge – Species, The Whole Ten Yards), D.D. Cummings (Kristen Miller – Team America: World Police) and Shane Phillips (Natashia Williams – Two Can Play That Game) form this team under the direction of Jack (Carlos Jannot – from television's Buffy and Angel). They all bring different skills to the team as Cassie is a master con woman, Shane can kick anyone's ass and D.D. is a computer expert. They are sent on a series of missions by the mysterious never seen Chairman in order to bring down some nasty bad guys.

She Spies is definitely this century's Charlie's Angels. The women are hot, they don't use guns and the show is definitely about how they look rather than giving us Alias-like plots to follow. With tongues planted firmly in their cheeks, the makers of this series focus on the ladies' wardrobe, witty banter and outrageously ridiculous stories. Natasha Henstridge is definitely the star of the series and the writers even use her reputation as a sex symbol to create some comedic situations. Everything about this show is over-the-top and ridiculous. The three actresses do fairly decent jobs and show some talent when it comes to comedy, but it definitely is a series that makes fun of itself, others and the whole spy genre. If you are in the mood for some light fun then sit down and give the series a chance, most of the times it is a hoot. Men will enjoy the eye candy and women the humour and wardrobe.

Disc One:
The First Episode: The girls' first mission involves protecting a former politician who is now a talk show host. His life has been threatened, but that does not stop him from hitting on every single female. Guest appearances by Barry Bostwick (from television's What I Like About You) and Dee Wallace Stone (E.T., The Frighteners).

The Martini Shot: The girls go under cover in the fashion industry to try to find out who has been stealing industry secret designs to create cheap knock offs.

Poster Shot: Two brothers are using a charity for a children's' hospital to run a scam and the girls try to catch them red handed. Guest appearances by Costas Mandylor (from television's Picket Fences) and Michael Des Barres (Mulholland Dr., To Sir, With Love).

Daddy's Girl: The girls are assigned to be bodyguards for the rebellious daughter of a politically important man. Guest appearances by Ray Wise (Good Night and Good Luck, RoboCop)and Nora Zehetner (Brick, American Pie 2).

Fondles: At a singles only community, the girls go undercover in order to infiltrate an Icelandic (??) spy operation.

Disc Two:
Ice Man: Going undercover at a spy club in order to capture a serial killer whose target is spies is the latest assignment for Cassie, D.D. and Shane.

Three Women and a Baby: On one of their rare days off the girls cannot decide what to do. That is until they open their front door and discover that someone has left a baby girl there.

Trap: Another day off turns out not to be very restful when Maxim (a criminal who while they were arresting, Cassie accidentally killed his brother), an explosives expert who has escaped from jail, booby traps the girls house with explosives making them prisoners there.

Spies Vs. Spy: Assigned to protect the daughter of an ambassador on her wedding day proves to be difficult for the three girls when their foe turns out to be a former She Spies member.

Perilyzed: After being poisoned by a stuffed frog, Cassie, Shane and D.D. remember how they met in prison.

Disc Three:
Betrayal: Jack has suspicions about D.D. being a traitor, but Shane and Cassie have their doubts.

Girl With a Broken Heart: Undercover at a medical convention in order to keep tabs on a female criminal named Red when Cassie discovers that Red is dating the man she was supposed to marry.

You Don't Know Jack: La Puma is an world-renowned assassin and the girls' latest foe.

First Date: Three partners are under investigation by the girls in order to figure out which one is dealing secrets.

While You Where Out: A top CEO under the threat of assassination is protected by the girls.

Daze of Future Past: After an accident Jack loses his memory and it puts a mission in jeopardy.

The Replacement: Indigo, a international thief, traps Cassie and Shane and D.D. have to take on a new partner in order to try an rescue her.

Damsels in De-Stress: While trying to relax at a destress clinic, Cassie, Shane and D.D. are stalked by a bomber.

Learning to Fly: An animal rights activist being transferred by plane needs the protection of the She Spies girls.

We'll Be Right Back: As a friend of Shane's is going through a cryogenic treatment they discover that it is simply a front for something more nefarious.

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