Simon and Simon: Season One

I'm sure not so far in the future we will look back on shows like Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer and Medium and wonder why they were so popular. Some shows are such products of their times that they have people in the future really scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss was about. Simon and Simon is a show of that category from the 1980s. It was incredibly popular but watching it now we can not imagine why. It is based on the simple well-used premise of opposites working well together. This time it is brothers A.J. (Jameson Parker), who is a well-cultured man, and his brother Rick Simon (Gerald McRaney), who is less so, working together in San Diego as private detectives solving cases.

Episode 1: Details at Eleven: A.J. and Rick are hired to locate the daughter of a well-known news anchor. Guest appearances by Markie Post and Peter Graves.

Episode 2: Love, Christy: Getting a stolen car back for an attractive college girl proves harder than Simon and Simon thought.

Episode 3: Trapdoors: The brothers are tracking a computer hacker.

Episode 4: A Recipe for Disaster: A kidnapping of a young child brings A.J. and Rick to Mexico.

Episode 5: The Least Dangerous Game: The death of an animal keeper keeps the brothers busy.

Episode 6: The Dead Letter File: A letter sent the day after a murder may contain clues of who committed the murder. What makes is difficult is that the murder happened 23 years ago.

Episode 7: The Hottest Ticket in Town: A fake concert tickets scam keep the brothers guessing. Guest appearance by Joey Travolta.

Episode 8: Ashes to Ashes, And None Too Soon: Simon and Simon serve a man with divorce papers and are thrown for a loop when he commits suicide soon after.

Episode 9: Uncivil Servant: The brothers are on a search for a stolen classified document. Guest appearance by Jerry Stiller.

Episode 10: Earth to Stacey: After her groom runs away the bride hires Rick and A.J. to find him.

Episode 11: Double Entry: A woman thinks her husband is having an affair and hires Simon and Simon to find out.

Episode 12: Matchmaker: There is something out of the ordinary happening at a dating service.

Episode 13: Tanks for the Memories: As a class reunion approaches Rick and A.J. are hired to find some class members who are missing.

Special Features:
– Bonus episode from season two
-"The Great 80's Flashback": A look back on the impact which various programs made on television landscape during the 80's

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