Sister Sister: The First Season

Separated at birth identical twins Tia and Tamera Mowry accidentally meet while shopping at the mall. Once they find out the truth they promise each other to never be split up again. Tia and Tamera persuade their unmarried adoptive parents that the two families would do better living together. Once together the two prepubescent sisters are never to be parted again.

Episode 1: The Meeting: Separated at birth, twins Tia and Tamera talk their adoptive parents to live together as one big happy family.

Episode 2: First Dates: Tia and Tamera promise each other that they won't go to the high school dance unless they both have a date.

Episode 3: Slumber Party: The twins host an all-girl sleepover.

Episode 4: Cheater, Cheater: Tia tries to help Tamera make the honor role.

Episode 5: Wedding Bells and Box Boys: Tia wants Lisa to allow her to date an older boy.

Episode 6: Out Alone: Tia and Tamera take the city bus alone for the first time and get lost.

Episode 7: The Pimple: Tia asks Tamera to take her place on a date when she gets a pimple.

Episode 8: Car Trouble: Tamera accidentally scratches her father's car and makes Tia promise not to tell.

Episode 9: The Birthday: It's the twins' birthday and Ray takes the girls to Chicago.

Episode 10: Love Strikes: Afraid that Ray might marry his present girlfriend, Tia and Tamera try to break them up.

Episode 11: The Concert: When Ray refuses to buy the twins tickets to see their favorite rapper in concert they try to get them another way.

Episode 12: Mothers + Other Strangers: Lisa asks Ray to pretend they are married when her mother comes for a visit.

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