Sons of Anarchy: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

From some of the people who brought you The Sopranos and The Shield comes a series about a biker gang in small town U.S.A. Sons of Anarchy are an outlaw motorcycle gang that rules a town in northern California. The gang survives through its thriving illegal arms dealings. The series is strongest when it focuses on the twisted, incestuous nature of how they run their club, do their business and take care of family matters. Gritty, realistic and riveting. It truly is an original show.

Episode 1: Pilot: Jax's (played by Charlie Hunnam) devotion to the Sons of Anarchy wavers a little when he comes across his deceased father's writings about the bike club.

Episode 2: Seeds: A new deputy police chief (played by Taylor Sheridan) arrives in town and has his sights firmly set on the Sons of Anarchy.

Episode 3: Fun Town: Tara's (played by Maggie Siff) ex-boyfriend arrives in town and she is scared.

Episode 4: Patch Over: The club travels to Nevada to help out brother club, the Devil's Tribe.

Episode 5: Giving Back: The club finds itself under continuous investigation.

Episode 6: AK-51: Someone from Gemma's (played by Katey Segal) past resurfaces.

Episode 7: Old Bones: Human bones are exhumed on the outskirts of Charming.

Episode 8: The Pull: The Sons of Anarchy have a gun payment coming up to the IRA and are short of cash.

Episode 9: Hell Followed: A hurt Cameron Hayes (played by Jamie McShane) is in the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse.

Episode 10: Better Half: Agent Stahl (played by Ally Walker) begins applying pressure to the women of the members of the Sons of Anarchy.

Episode 11: Capybara: Abel is stronger and is ready to be released from the hospital.

Episode 12: The Sleep of Babies: Clay (played by Ron Perlman) has a plan to pay for Bobby's (played by Mark Boone Jr.) defense will leave the club in a precarious position.

Episode 13: The Revelator: A tragedy occurs which forces the members to think about their union.

Special Features: Making Of, Ink, Bikes, Casting, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel

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