So You Think You Can Dance – Get Fit: Cardio Funk

I think that any of us who have watched the show have thought at one time or another that we could do what the dancers up on stage are doing. Of course we are slightly delusional, but this DVD will help us live out that little fantasy and get us fit at the same time.

Some of your favourite dancers from the reality television show "So You Think You Can Dance" will help you be funkier and get fit at the same time on this DVD. Lauren, Travis, Twitch, Dmitry, Katee, and Courtney will take hip hop, contemporary and disco dance moves and make them simple enough for anyone to follow. Performing these moves and eventually the whole routines mapped out will give you a more toned and fit body. At the same time you will be enjoying yourself immensely.

Each move is shown to you step-by-step at the speed you desire. Once you get all the moves then the dancers will put them all together to make a funky dance routine that will get your heart pumping like never before. And you'll enjoy it so much that you will not even feel like you are working.

Special Features: Learn the Routines at Your Own Speed – Slow, Medium and Fast!, A Bonus Dance Routine Using the Best Moves from All Three Exercises, Behind-the-Scenes Interviews with Lauren, Travis and Courtney

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