So You Think You Can Dance – Get Fit: Tone and Groove

If you read the review of the "So You Think You Can Dance – Get Fit: Cardio Funk" then this one will be similar as the concepts are similar.

It is amazingly fun to dance along with the dancers you recognize from past seasons of the popular reality television show. It is motivating and if you are motivated you will do the dances as they are meant to be done. This will lead to you boasting a more toned body. Dance with Katee, Twitch, Lauren, Travis, Dmitry, and Courtney as they teach you some fun steps that you won't even feel like you are exercising as you are doing them.

The exercises target areas like your glutes, upper arms, abs, and thighs while showing you moves from the cha-cha, hip hop and jazz dance. Parts of your body that you did not think you had muscles in will ache, but it's all towards a good end.

Even if you are a beginner the dance moves will be rendered doable. The dancers show you how to do it step-by-step. Then the individual steps will be put together into fun combinations.

Special Features: Learn the Routines at your Own Speed – Slow, Medium and Fast!, A Bonus Dance Routine Using the Best Moves From All Three Exercises, Behind-the-Scenes Interviews with Twitch, Katee and Dmitry

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