Spanish Fly: Lou Reed Live in Spain

During the summer of 2004, Lou Reed and his band (Jane Scarpantoni on cello, Fernando Saunders on bass, Mike Rathke on guitar, and Tony Smith on drums) played at the Benicassim International Festival in Spain and this DVD was shot at that concert. What is most striking about the performance is its understatedness. This is a no-frills performance with Reed and the band all dressed in black. Besides the musicians and their instruments there is nothing else on the stage – no set or backdrop. Having a set, pyrotechnics or lighting is not necessarily an essential, but the show is somewhat slow because Reed and his musicians barely even move around the stage. This does not make for a very interesting visual. In this case you have to wonder why not just release the concert as a CD to just listen to since there is nothing really to look at or even special features. His 4-piece band does a decent job, but after awhile the songs all begin to sound the same as they are all basically the same tempo. One of the highlights of the concert is cellist Jane Scarpantoni's 3-minute solo during 'Venus in Furs'. It is one of the more lively numbers during the show. Reed covers songs from his solo career and his time with The Velvet Underground. As usual, Reed's vocals are not his strong point (But who has made a bigger career out of a semi singing semi talking style than Lou Reed?), but that is not what his fans love about him anyways. For huge Lou Reed fans this DVD might be worth a look.

1) Modern Dance
2) Why Do You Talk
3) Venus in Furs
4) Sweet Jane
5) Jesus
6) Romeo Had Juliet
7) Satellite of Love
8) Ecstasy
9) The Blue Mask
10) Perfect Day
11) Walk On The Wild Side

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