Sports Night: The Complete Series – 10th Anniversary Edition

This innovative half-hour show introduced plenty of future stars to us including the show's creator Aaron Sorkin, director Thomas Schlamme and actors Felicity Huffman and Peter Krause. It only lasted for two seasons (why are all the good shows cancelled so quickly?), but left an imprint on the television world.

Based on an ESPN-like sports news show, "Sports Night" featured good writing, great acting, plenty of humour, and witty dialogue. The crew working at Sports Night are all professional and highly talented, but in their personal lives they are disasters. Of course, it is their personal lives that entertain us so.

Episode 1: Pilot: People at the network are concerned with Casey's (played by Peter Krause) on-air work.

Episode 2: The Apology: Danny (played by Josh Charles) does not want to apologize for a statement he made during the course of an interview he gave, but Isaac (played by Robert Guillaume) forces him to.

Episode 3: The Hungry and the Hunted: Casey is driving Danny crazy with his constant talk about Dana (played by Felicity Huffman) talking to a guy at a party.

Episode 4: Intellectual Property: Casey finds himself flinching on-air because of a fly in the studio.

Episode 5: Mary Pat Shelby: A famous football player sexually assaults and physically harms Nat (played by Sabrina Lloyd).

Episode 6: The Head Coach, Dinner and the Morning Mail: Nat brings charges against Christian Patrick and is a little distracted at work.

Episode 7: Dear Louise: Jeremy (played by Joshua Malina) writes a letter to his sister describing his co-workers.

Episode 8: Thespis: The Greek ghost Thespis' curse hits the show.

Episode 9: The Quality of Mercy at 29k: Dan does not know which charity to give his money to.

Episode 10: Shoe Money Tonight: A late night poker game brings out the worst in everyone.

Episode 11: The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee: Casey does a guest appearance on The View and insults the woman in the wardrobe department.

Episode 12: Smoky: Rumours begin to circulate that Isaac will be leaving "Sports Night" certain staffer begin to try and position themselves for moves up the ladder.

Episode 13: Small Town: Dana and Casey have the night off and spend it on a double-dating disaster.

Episode 14: Rebecca: After being rejected Dan realizes that he many not be as irresistible to women as he thought.

Episode 15: Dana and the Deep Blue Sea: Dana has a deep fear of fish, but has agreed to go snorkelling with Gordon (played by Ted McGinley) in an attempt to keep their relationship alive.

Episode 16: Sally: On a slow news day, Dan finds himself with the time to try and figure out who Casey slept with last week.

Episode 17: How are Things in Glocca Morra?: Dan begins to wear down Rebecca's resistance to him.

Episode 18: The Sword of Orion: Jeremy is devastated by the news of his parents' divorce.

Episode 19: Eli's Coming: The crew finds out that Isaac has suffered a stroke.

Episode 20: Ordnance Tactics: Jeremy wants to break up with Natalie and Rebecca is considering going back to her husband.

Episode 21: Ten Wickets: Dan makes a last effort for Rebecca.

Episode 22: Napoleon's Battle Plan: Casey tries to come up with a plan to break up Dana and Gordon.

Episode 23: What Kind of Day Has it Been: Casey's son pays a visit to the office and Dana is still trying to get over her broken heart.

Episode 24: Special Powers: Isaac, as he is recovering from his stroke, fights for his right to work.

Episode 25: When Something Wicked This Way Comes: Isaac hires a ratings expert named Sam Donovan (played by William H. Macy).

Episode 26: Cliff Gardner: The network orders the crew to a 'notes' meeting and threaten to fire Isaac.

Episode 27: Louise Revisited: Natalie writing to his sister Louise disturbs Jeremy.

Episode 28: Kafelnikov: Dan is not sure whether it is a date or a session when he agrees to meet an attractive woman who is a therapist.

Episode 29: Shane: The fact that the Vatican issues a statement that there is no physical Hell upsets Natalie.

Episode 30: Kyle Whitaker's got Two Sacks: As part of his therapy, Dan tries to avoid flirting with every woman he meets.

Episode 31: The Reunion: Dana attempts to forgive her football playing brother for being caught taking steroids.

Episode 32: A Girl Named Pixley: Jeremy is confident after being nominated for an industry award but that changes when he finds out that Natalie has known the name of the winner all along.

Episode 33: The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant: Dan prepares a segment on the historic Giants vs. Dodgers game, but Isaac is reluctant.

Episode 34: The Cut Man Cometh: Dan and Casey are excited to be covering the big fight.

Episode 35: The Sweet Smell of Air: The crew is excited about an offer for an exclusive interview with Michael Jordan.

Episode 36: Dana Get Your Gun: Dan's substitute really makes Casey miss him.

Episode 37: And the Crowd Goes Wild: It's Sam's last day at "Sports Night".

Episode 38: Celebrities: Jeremy adjusts to being broken up with Natalie.

Episode 39: The Local Weather: Dan spends an hour cancelling his appointment with Abby (played by Jayne Brook).

Episode 40: Draft Day, Part 1 – It Can't Rain at Indian Wells: It is NFL Draft Day and everyone is excited.

Episode 41: Draft Day, Part II – The Fall of Ryan O'Brian: Jenny (played by Paula Marshall) visits "Sports Night" and Jeremy is struggling with his shame.

Episode 42: April is the Cruelest Month: Dan and Jeremy host a Passover Seder, but Casey is not sure he will attend.

Episode 43: Bells and a Siren: Dan hires a publicist.

Episode 44: La Forza Del Destino: Dan tries to talk Casey into moving to Los Angeles.

Episode 45: Quo Vadimus: Bidders begin to drop out of the auction for Continental Corp and everyone begins to fear for their professional future.

Special Features: The Show, Face Off: ESPN's SportsCenter vs. CSC's Sports Night, Gag Reel, Original Promos, Looking Back with Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme, Inside the Locker Room: The Technical Innovations of Sports Night

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