Stan Getz:

Although highly celebrated tenor sax prodigy Stan Getz might be better known for his "Bossa Nova" recordings in the 1960's, the late forties and early fifties were home to some of his early strokes of Jazz majesty. The latest compilation assembled by Living Era pays respect to this period with a 26 six track musical excursion that highlights his sessions and associated work with a number of other legends between 1949-1952.

Whether Getz's enticing and light stepping tenor sax is leading or accompanying the melody in the background, the smokiness of his style and the fluttering dynamics of his notes are expressively mesmerizing. Although his prowess and magic can be felt and discerned in every track, some exceptional pieces come from his takes with Al Haig (piano), Tommy Potter (double bass) and Raye Hyanes at various points in early and mid 1950. From this period emerge enchanting version of tunes like "What's New", "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "Gone With The Wind". 1952 did not fail either in pouring out delectable musical charms especially, with the work that resulted from Getz's collaboration with Johnny Smith's quintet. The classic "Moonlight in Vermont", "Tenderly" and "The Way you look Tonight" showcase the extraordinary compatibility of Smith's guitar work and aptitude with the unforgettable tone of Getz's sax. For both Getz aficionados and Jazz lovers, here is a must get collectors item of almost sacred value.

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