Stephen King: DVD Collector Set

For the past 30 years, King's works (short stories and novels) have been turned into feature films, television movies and miniseries. Unlike his many novels, films based on Stephen King's work have not always hit their mark with the public. There have been a few exceptions and many of them are in this DVD collection. What you are guaranteed to get with a film based on a King novel is horror and weirdness and the films in this collection are no exception.

Director: Rob Reiner

Writer Paul Sheldon (James Caan – from television's Las Vegas) has just finished his latest novel, which he completed in a remote cabin in the woods. Wanting to deliver his novel, in which he kills off the main character, Misery Chastaine, to his publisher (Lauren Bacall – How to Marry a Millionaire, The Mirror Has Two Faces) as quickly as possible, Sheldon drives in a blinding snowstorm. Due to the slickness of the roads and the blinding snow Sheldon crashes off the road. He is dug out by Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates – Failure to Launch, About Schmidt) and brought to her house. Sheldon is severely injured, but being a nurse Annie is able to take care of him.

His good luck turns to bad when it becomes apparent that Annie is a crazed fan and is not willing to let her favourite author slip out of her hands. After she reads Sheldon's manuscript and realizes that he has killed off Misery Annie loses all touch with reality. She insists that Sheldon stays there and writes another novel bringing Misery back to life. It becomes a game of cat-and-mouse between the two with Sheldon trying to figure out a way to get away from Annie despite his injuries.

Special Features:
-Theatrical teaser
-Theatrical trailer

Carrie: Special Edition:
Director: Brian De Palma

Carrie White (Sissy Spacek – North Country, In the Bedroom) is a young girl in high school who does not fit in with any of the cliques and as a result she is mercilessly teased by everyone. Things are not any better at home where her fanatically religious mother (Piper Laurie – The Faculty, Children of a Lesser God) punishes her constantly. Carrie has no escape except into her own mind, but even she is not aware of the power of her mind…yet.

When her cruel mother and mean classmates push her too far Carrie seeks revenge on them. She then uses the power of her own mind to make everyone sorry for all that they have inflicted on her.

Special Features:
-"Acting Carrie"
-"Visualizing Carrie"
-"Carrie, The Musical"
-Animated photo gallery
-Original theatrical trailer
-Stephen King and the Evolution of Carrie

Needful Things:
Director: Fraser C. Heston

Castle Rock, Maine seems like a quiet, peaceful town to live in, but as they say looks can be deceiving.

Everything in town is right as rain until Leland Gaunt (Max von Sydow – Rush Hour 3, Minority Report) opens up a shop. The new antique shop seems to have whatever the buyer truly wants. However, soon after much violence breaks out in Castle Rock and Sheriff Alan Pangborn (Ed Harris – The History of Violence, Milk Money) realizes that Gaunt' shop is behind all of it.

Special Features:
-Theatrical trailer

The Dark Half:
Director: George A. Romero

Thad Beaumont (Timothy Hutton – The Joy Luck Club, The Last Mimzy) is a writer of horror novels who wants to cease writing them in favour of 'serious' literature. He wants nothing more to do with his famous pen name, George Stark (Timothy Hutton). This turns out to be easier said than done as Stark is somehow alive and really does not want to be done in by Beaumont's pen. Those closest to Beaumont start dying and the clues all lead to him. Beaumont realizes that Stark is actually alive and is trying to put on the publicity stunt to end all publicity stunts. Realizing that his wife (Amy Madigan – Pollock, Uncle Buck) and twin sons are next, Beaumont has to figure out a way to kill a person that does not really exist.

Special Features:
-Theatrical trailer

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