Strawberry Shortcake: Happily Ever After

Though I loathe to say it because what kind of person says something bad about the sweetest girl ever? But this Strawberry Shortcake video is rather annoying. There is something different about the voices and there is plenty of brattiness. It sorta detracts from the positive messages that are being put across. It seems to me that the older Strawberry Shortcakes were better.

Episode 1: Sleeping Beauty: Brambleberry Fairy (a.k.a. Angel Cake) feels ignored and so she casts a spell on Princess Strawberry that puts her to sleep. When her friends can't awaken her it seems as if it is up to Prince Huckleberry to convince Brambleberry what she has to do to be a real friend.

Episode 2: A Princess Named Rap: Princess Rapunzel's (a.k.a. Rainbow Sherbet) upsets her teacher with her focus on stuff of a non-royal nature especially ships. The teacher changes her tune quickly when her rowboat is swept out to sea.

Special Features: DVD-ROM Printable Coloring Pages, Character Gallery Memory Book, Free Greeting Cards

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