Supernatural: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

If you are into creepy, unearthly, ghouls, spirits, and the like you should already be aware of this show. It stars two hunky young actors as brothers who go out in search of their father who himself is looking for the evil spirit that killed his wife and left the two boys motherless at a young age. Along the way the brothers have to do battle with demons of their own.

Episode 1: Pilot: Along a fairly deserted stretch of California highway a woman in white has been luring men to their deaths. This might be the first hint the brothers, Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles) have as to the location of their father.

Episode 2: Wendigo: Sam and Dean continue their search for their father (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and what killed Jessica (played by Adrianne Palicki) through the woods of Colorado.

Episode 3: Dead in the Water: Several people meet their deaths by drowning in the same lake in Wisconsin. Sam and Dean believe their deaths are the work of an evil spirit.

Episode 4: Phantom Traveler: A plane passenger who seems like a phantom causes the crash landing of the plane he is on. When he travels again it is up to Sam and Dean to fly with him in order to perform an in-air exorcism.

Episode 5: Bloody Mary: Girls utter the familiar Bloody Mary lines while playing a game of Truth or Dare and unwittingly release a ghoul who lives in mirrors.

Episode 6: Skin: A shape shifter takes on the form of Sam's college friend and commit's a murder.

Episode 7: Hook Man: In a small Iowa town a two centuries old minister who has a hook for a hand goes about killing all the present parishioner's children.

Episode 8: Bugs: A construction worker is killed by insects that work their way into his brain.

Episode 9: Home: Twenty two years later Sam and Dean return to their childhood home.

Episode 10: Asylum: The brothers look into a closed up former mental institute that seemed to be able to drive its patients mad.

Episode 11: Scarecrow: A scarecrow in the town of Burkitsville, Indiana could be the reason that people are turning up dead.

Episode 12: Faith: Roy Le Grange (played by Kevin McNulty), a faith healer, claims to have cured Dean after an accident leaves him near death.

Episode 13: Route 666: A scary black pick up truck goes on a killing rampage of African-American males.

Episode 14: Nightmare: Sam and Dean pretend to be priests in order to gather information about a house where death has occurred. Sam saw the death in a dream.

Episode 15: The Benders: A family of hunters likes to stuff and mount their kills which is fine except for the fact that they hunt humans.

Episode 16: Shadow: While in Chicago Sam bumps into Meg (played by Nicki Aycox).

Episode 17: Hell House: A pair of phoney paranormal investigators get in Dean and Sam's way on their latest hunt.

Episode 18: Something Wicked: A witch who is terrorizing children is tied to Dean and Sam.

Episode 19: Provenance: The painting of a long-deceased family seems to be killing whoever owns it.

Episode 20: Dead Man's Blood: John Winchester teams up with his two sons to battle some vampires he thought were already dead.

Episode 21: Salvation: Meg is back and she wants the gun that John has so she starts killing one by one old friends of John's.

Episode 22: Devil's Trap: An exorcism, unexpected twists and fighting a bunch of demons are what Sam and Dean have to look forward to.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Behind the Story: Supernatural at the Museum of Televison + Radio's Paley Television Festival, Warner Bros. BD-Live, Day in the Life of Jared and Jensen, Gag Reel, The Devil's Road Map

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