Sweet Valley High: The Complete First Season

Get ready to relive those classic Sweet Valley moments, not to mention the horrible fashion trends of the early 90's! Based on the popular book series by Francine Pascal comes "Sweet Valley High", the television series. Now, over a decade after the first airing of the show, all 22 episodes of the first season are available on DVD.

Jessica (Brittany Daniel) and Elizabeth Wakefield (Cynthia Daniel) are identical twins, with opposite personalities. Jessica is the mischievous one, while Liz is utterly angelic. Being the troublemaker she is, Jessica often finds herself using her twin to her advantage. Like in "Dangerous Love", where Liz gets a cute guy's number, but Jessica manages to set up a trap, enabling herself to go on the date as Liz. Out of all 22 episodes in this collection, the most entertaining episode would have to be "Uh Oh Seven". Liz is entering a writing contest, and decides to create a fictional spy story involving all her friends. The show then turns into Liz's story, with Jessica as Agent Platinum Blonde: a super-hero who must save Sweet Valley from all evil.

Despite the show's lighthearted nature, there are a number of unavoidable inconsistencies, like the how Liz and Jessica live in a large house, seemingly by themselves. There is constant talk of parents, but we never see them, or any adults for that matter. I guess this is supposed to reflect the way teenagers autonomy. On that note, are we really supposed to believe that this cast of 20-something year olds are supposed to be 16? However, the only real drawback about this series is that it deals with rather superficial issues. Unlike the teen dramas of the 00's, the major dilemmas on "Sweet Valley" are over who gets the guy, what dress to wear, or who's the better anchor for the school's TV broadcast. But then again, I guess that's what makes this show such a guilty pleasure!

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