Taxi: The Complete Third Season

Taxi aired its first episode almost 30 years ago and it is still considered to be a classic sit-com and probably always will. The opening bars from the show's theme song ring pleasantly in my ears as I write this. The show's strong cast is what propelled Taxi into another orbit. The show's fundamental or pivotal character is Alex Reiger (Judd Hirsch). Reiger is easy going and the cabbies' so called in-house "shrink" and the one everyone turns to when they need a dose of advice. Then there's power hungry Louis De Palma (Danny DeVito), perhaps the antithesis of Alex Reiger. De Palma manages and owns this run down New York City Taxi garage where most of the interactions unfold.

Taxi presented a hit and miss formula of innovative television that didn't always hit the bull's eye. However, when the chemistry on the show worked its magic, the storylines were no longer just comedic but at times gut wrenching and profound, often a direct mirror image of our society.
This third season was considered by many to be among the strongest. Reiger finds out that he is not invited to his daughter's wedding. Elaine's (Marilu Henner) encounter with an old high school friend in her cab that became much more successful than her and several other episodes will re-capture your heart.
Rounding out the cast is Tony, the aspiring under-dog boxer (Tony Danza), his fellow cabbie, aspiring part-time actor and full-time mirror watcher Bobby (Jeff Conaway) and the brain fried Jim (Christopher Lloyd) and the one and the only immigrant mechanic, Latka Gravas (Andy Kaufman); watch for Latka's personality switch into Vic Ferrari on the season's final episode.
Unfortunately, there are no extras, commentaries or interviews included in this 4 disc, 20 episode DVD box-set. Perhaps later seasons will include a bit of insight on what went on behind the scenes of one the most popular television sitcoms of all time.

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