The 4400: The Complete Series

What began as a miniseries turned into a series that lasted several seasons. The whole ideas behind the program is the exploration of the question of what would happen if humans who were abducted by aliens were all returned to Earth? Though on the outside these people seem the same they are different. They have no memory of their abductions or why they were taken. Now they are back and have special powers.

Season One:
The 4,400 abductees are returned to Seattle and try to return to their old lives. The local Supervisor of Homeland Security Dennis Ryland (Peter Coyote – E.T., A Walk to Remember) is assigned to the case along with Agent Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch – National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Minority Report), whose nephew is one of the 4,400.

Many of the 4,400 are having trouble adjusting to life back on Earth and Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell – from television's Once and Again) starts to act like an advocate for them.

Season Two:

It is the abductees' first anniversary back on Earth. Everyone is in constant flux, even those who were not abducted. At the end the 4,400 are released from another quarantine to roam free.

Season Three:

There are surprises galore happening. The splinter 4,400 organization, the Nova Group, has begun to eliminate anyone they see as a threat, even if you are part of the 4,400. Promicin is a mysterious substance that is discovered to have some link to the 4,400. The season ends with the outbreak of a deadly virus.

Season Four:

Jordan has distributed some medicine and everything seems back to normal. In reality the Promicin helps some while hurting others. As time passes the weirdness caused by Promicin seems to accelerate. Jordan then starts the Seattle Promise City, a city based on positivity. Another viral outbreak occurs and someone significant dies. It seems though like there will be peace between the positives and the rest of the population.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Blooper Reel, Director's Cut of Finale: The Great Leap Forward, Creating the Ball of Light, A Stitch in Time, Return of the 4400, Character Tree, The Architecture of Series Storytelling, Power Grid, TVFX, Season IV: Factions at War, Jordan Collier: The Grey Man, Promicin: The Moral Choice, and The 4400: The Ghost Season

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