The Animation Show: Volume 3

Hosted by Beevis and Butthead these are some of the most creative and innovative animation shorts around. Covering many different styles and approaches they will all entertain and amaze you.

Rabbit directed by Run Wrake:
A young boy and girl find a rabbit that has an idol inside of it. The idol has the power to change insects into jewels. Soon it is all out of control.

City Paradise directed by Gaelle Dems:
Tomoko arrives in London from his native Japan and by pure accident stumbles upon a secret underground city.

Everything Will be OK directed by Don Hertzfeldt:
Bill is forced to think about the meaning or lack thereof of life.

Collision directed by Max Hattler:
An abstract mix of Islamic patterns and American quilts.

Astronauts directed by Matthew Walker:
After a brief delay due to lost keys, two astronauts continue their trip through space.

Carlitopolis directed by Hieto:
A lab mouse name Carlito is put through all kinds of experiments.

No Room for Gerold directed by Daniel Nocke:
A crocodile named Gerold arrives at his home late one evening to discover a meeting going on.

Guide Dog directed by Bill Plympton:
A sequel to the Oscar nominated short "Guard Dog".

One D directed by Mike Grimshaw:
Bob and Diane see a film in a one-dimensional world.

Tyger directed by Guilherme Marcondes:
A giant tiger appears in a big city.

Versus directed by Francois Caffiaux, Noel Romain and Thomas Salas:
Two islands in the ocean, two samurai clans fight over a little island.

Learn Self Defense directed by Chris Harding:
George is attacked in an alley and decides it is time to learn to defend himself.

Abigail directed by Tony Comley:
While the plane he is on comes closer to crashing a passenger has other things on his mind.

Shuteye Hotel directed by Bill Plympton:
A film noir murder mystery that happens in a sleazy motel.

Dreams and Desires directed by Joanna Quinn:
Beryl becomes consumed by making films after getting a videocamera.

Game Over directed by Pes:
A homage to the video games Centipede, Frogger, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man.

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