The A-Team: Season Five – The Final Season

In the decade of wonderfully mindless schlock that was on television in the 1980s The A-Team is one that stands out. Not because it was of high quality, but rather because it was so bad that it crossed over to good. Who in the 80s did not run around quoting that well-known thespian Mr. T and his famous line of "Pity the fool who touches my jewellery"? Ah, those were the good ole days! The A-Team series was based on a gang of soldiers lead by Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith (George Peppard – Breakfast at Tiffany's, Pork Chop Hill), who were framed as robbing a bank in Hanoi. While on the run from the army, Face (Dirk Benedict – Alaska), BA (Mr. T – Not Another Teen Movie, Rocky III) and Murdock (Dwight Schultz – Star Trek: First Contact, The Long Walk Home), helped out the innocent.

During this their last season, these vigilantes team up with General Stockwell (Robert Vaughn – Superman III, The Towering Inferno), who after having them finally arrested and sentenced to death for the robbery, changes the bullets to blanks and makes a deal with the team that they have to complete a number of missions in order to gain a full pardon. The team takes on an accomplice in Frankie Santana (Eddie Velez – White Chicks).

Disc One:
Episode 1: Dishpan Man (Part 1): The A-Team tries to rescue the passengers of a hijacked plane, but end up captured.

Episode 2: Trial By Fire (Part 2): Hannibal, BA and Face face a military trial for the robbery in Hanoi.

Episode 3: Firing Line (Part 3): Murdock tries to figure out a way to free his friends before they are executed.

Episode 4: Quarterback Sneak: The A-Team set up a football game in East Berlin as a diversion in order to help a scientist and his wife escape.

Bonus Materials:
-Rumors of Soldiers of Fortune
-Sneak peeks of The Munsters, American Gothic, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Battlestar Galactica, Fear Factor, Sleuth, Conviction, Las Vegas, House, The Office, and Saturday Night Live

Disc Two:
Episode 5: The Theory of Revolution: While searching out some stolen plutonium Hannibal disappears.

Episode 6: The Say U.N.C.L.E Affair: General Stockwell orders the seizure of a Russian jet and is then kidnapped.

Episode 7: Alive at Five: A female undercover reporter unearths the plot to kill the future president of The National Brotherhood of Labor Unions.

Episode 8: Family Reunion: The A-Team attempts to reunite father with daughter.

Episode 9: Point of No Return: The dictator on the island of San Marcos takes some American Intelligence Agents prisoner so General Stockwell sends the A-Team in to rescue them.

Disc Three:
Episode 10: The Crystal Skull: The A-Team end up on an island where the inhabitants believe that Murdock is a god.

Episode 11: The Spy Who Mugged Me: Murdock is undercover as a secret agent in order to try and flush out a terrorist who is planning an assassination.

Episode 12: The Grey Team: The A-Team goes up against the KGB.

Episode 13: Without Reservations: Murdock's job as a waiter causes him to stumble upon an assassination plot.

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