The Beverly Hillbillies: The Official Second Season

This poor Ozark family all of a sudden is thrown into the lifestyles of the rich and famous when a huge amount of oil is found on their property. Jed Clampett (played by Buddy Ebsen) and his family get $25 million and decide to move to Beverly Hills. There they stick out like a sore thumb. A sore thumb with a thick southern accent and a pair of overalls.

Episode 1: Jed Gets the Misery: Jed's family is worried about him feeling so bad.

Episode 2: Hair-Raising Holiday: Drysdale (played by Raymond Bailey) and Jane (played by Nancy Kulp) try to stop Granny (played by Irene Ryan) from doing her 'doctoring'.

Episode 3: Granny's Garden: The Clampett's work on their garden but only Granny is really awake for it.

Episode 4: Elly Starts School: Elly (played by Donna Douglas) is going to attend Willows, a finishing school.

Episode 5: The Clampett Look: The Clampetts mistakenly believe that the Fenwicks are poor and try to help them.

Episode 6: Jethro's First Love: In order to find out if Jethro (played by Max Baer Jr.) is ready to date Jed tests him.

Episode 7: Chickadee Returns: Jed wants to marry burlesque dancer, Chickadee Laverne (played by Barbara Nichols).

Episode 8: The Clampetts are Overdrawn: The Clampetts get a letter stating that they are overdrawn and believe that they are broke.

Episode 9: The Clampetts go Hollywood: Jake (played by King Donovan) and Opal (played by Shirley Mitchell) stay with the Clampetts.

Episode 10: Turkey Day: Elly May makes a pet out of the turkey.

Episode 11: The Garden Party: Mrs. Drysdale (played by Harriet E. MacGibbon) is hosting a garden party and tells the Clampetts they are not invited.

Episode 12: Elly Needs a Maw: Jed decides to go back home to find a woman to marry so Elly will have a mother.

Episode 13: The Clampetts get Culture: The Clampetts are having no luck getting to know their neighbours.

Episode 14: Christmas at the Clampetts: The Clampetts get Christmas gifts from the Drysdales and don't really know what they are.

Episode 15: A Man for Elly: Granny can't seem to get enough of television and especially a Western program.

Episode 16: The Giant Jackrabbit: The Clampetts are running low on food because they have trouble hunting in Beverly Hills.

Episode 17: The Girl from Home: A man from the Clampetts home wants his daughter to marry Jethro.

Episode 18: Lafe Lingers On: Lafe (played by Peter Whitney) returns scheming to get rich himself but off of Jed's money.

Episode 19: The Race for Queen: Elly May enters a Beverly Hills beauty contest.

Episode 20: Lafe Returns: Jed begins the search for a boyfriend for Elly May.

Episode 21: Son of Lafe Returns: Even though Elly May has a boyfriend Lafe tries to set her up with his son.

Episode 22: The Clampetts go Fishing: Drysdale and Jane try to turn Jed on to deep-sea fishing.

Episode 23: The Critter Doctor: Duke is sick so Elly May calls the critter doctor from the zoo.

Episode 24: A Bride for Jed: Two musicians, Jane and Mr. Drysdale decide to hold auditions for a bride for Jed.

Episode 25: Granny Versus the Weather Bureau: Granny is tired of the weather girl always being wrong and sets out to inform the Weather Bureau about her never wrong weather beetle.

Episode 26: Another Neighbour: Mrs. Drysdale tries to keep the Clampetts away from Countess Maria (played by Jean Wiles).

Episode 27: The Bank Raising: Jed is invited to the opening of Drysdale's newest bank building.

Episode 28: The Great Crawdad Hunt: When a package from home arrives all the Clampetts are excited.

Episode 29: The Dress Shop: Drysdale buys the Clampetts a dress shop with their money.

Episode 30: The House of Granny: The Clampetts get ready to open their dress shop.

Episode 31: The Continental Touch: Elly May does not want to learn how to cook.

Episode 32: Jed, Incorporated: Jed becomes the head of a corporation which Drysdale set up for him as a tax write-off.

Episode 33: Granny Learns to Drive: After having to pay for a taxi ride Granny decides its time to learn how to drive.

Episode 34: Cabin in Beverly Hills: Jed builds a cabin for Granny's birthday and Drysdale is none too happy about it.

Episode 35: Jed Foils a Home Wrecker: Drysdale tries to save the Clampetts' cabin after his wife calls a wrecker to destroy it.

Episode 36: Jethro's Graduation: Jethro is very excited to learn that he will be graduating from the sixth grade.

Special Features:
-Original Sponsor Openings/Closings
-Irene Ryan Screen Test
-Clip from the 1963 CBS Fall Preview Show
-CBS Network Promo
-Paul Henning Interview

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