The Beverly Hillbillies: The Official Third Season

Jed Clampett (played by Buddy Ebsen), a poor hillbilly from the Ozarks, is out hunting one day when a shot goes astray but results in an oil gusher. Now Jed and his family are filthy and rich. So he packs up Granny (played by Irene Ryan), Elly May (played by Donna Douglas) and Jethro (played by Max Baer Jr.) and they move into a mansion in Beverly Hills. Needless to say they stick out like a sore thumb and this popular television show depicts all their adventures and mishaps while trying to just fit in to their new environment.

Episode 1: Jed Becomes a Movie Mogul: Drysdale (played by Raymond Bailey) buys a movie studio for Jed.

Episode 2: Clampett City: Because the movie studio is losing money Drysdale decides to tear it down and make it into Clampett City.

Episode 3: Clampett City General Store: Drysdale attempts to stop Jed and his family from movie into Clampett City.

Episode 4: Hedda Hopper's Hollywood: Hedda Hopper wants to save Jed's movie studio.

Episode 5: Doctor Jed Clampett: Jed donates money to a college and gets an honorary doctorate.

Episode 6: Jed the Heartbreaker: Mrs. Drysdale (played by Harriet E. MacGibbon), who is sick of the Clampetts, decides to pretend to like Jed in the hopes that he and his family will move away as a result.

Episode 7: Back to Marineland: Jethro decides that he wants to serve his country by becoming a spy.

Episode 8: Teenage Idol: Rock 'n roll singer Johnny Poke (played by Jesse Pearson) visits the Clampetts and Granny is not happy.

Episode 9: The Widow Poke Arrives: Granny brings the Widow Poke (played by Ellen Corby) to Beverly Hills in the hopes of setting her up with Jed.

Episode 10: The Ballet: Mrs. Drysdale gets Jed to sponsor the Beverly Hills Ballet.

Episode 11: The Boarder: Granny starts up her own boarding house.

Episode 12: The Boarder Stays: The Clampetts are upset when their boarder runs out on them.

Episode 13: Start the New Year Right: The Clampetts find out that Mrs. Drysdale is in the hospital so they decide to check in on her to make sure she is getting the proper treatment.

Episode 14: Clampett General Hospital: Mrs. Drysdale awakens to find out that she is no longer in the hospital but at the Clampetts' house.

Episode 15: The Movie Starlet: Jethro falls for Kitty Devine (played by Irene Ryan), a movie star.

Episode 16: Elly in the Movies: Elly gets a job at Jed's movie studio.

Episode 17: Dash Riprock, You Cad: Elly is upset over losing Dash (played by Larry Pennell) to Miss Jane (played by Nancy Kulp).

Episode 18: Clampett A-Go-Go: Hippie Sheldon Epps (played by Alan Reed Jr.) crashes his car after seeing Elly in a bathing suit and has to stay with the Clampetts.

Episode 19: Granny's Romance: Drysdale fixes Granny up with an older man from the Board of Directors.

Episode 20: Jed's Temptation: The day after Jed spent the whole night dancing with Phyllis (played by Sylvia Lewis) he is quite stiff.

Episode 21: Double Naught Jethro: Jethro gives up his dream of being a surgeon to become a spy.

Episode 22: Clampett's Millions: Jethro's attempt to become a spy is beginning to get on Granny's nerves.

Episode 23: Drysdale's Dog Days: Granny wants to see her money in cash and Drysdale tries to discourage her.

Episode 24: Brewster's Honeymoon: More comes the Clampetts' way as more oil is discovered on their land.

Episode 25: Flatt, Clampett and Scruggs: Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs come to the Clampett mansion to try and solve the problems the Clampetts are having with their home.

Episode 26: Jed and the Countess: Countess Maria (played by Jean Wiles) returns to spend some time with the Clampetts.

Episode 27: Big Daddy, Jed: Sheldon Epps returns to ask Jed for some money to keep the Parthenon West Coffee House open.

Episode 28: Cool School is Out: Granny tries to stop Elly and Jethro from hanging out at the Parthenon West Coffee House.

Episode 29: The Big Bank Battle: Drysdale tries to turn the Clampetts on to a hobby to stop Jed from traveling around trying to fix everything.

Epiosde 30: The Clampetts Versus Automation: The Clampetts have had it up to here with their mean nextdoor neighbours.

Episode 31: Luke's Boy: Beau (played by Robert Easton), Luke Short's son, comes to town and Granny is supposed to set him up with Elly.

Episode 32: The Brewsters Return: The Brewsters come to Beverly Hills to build a house on the lot they bought.

Episode 33: Jed, the Bachelor: Granny is tired of Beverly Hills and decides to return home.

Episode 34: The Art Center: Mrs. Drysdale has another plan of how to get rid of the Clampetts.

Special Features: The Legend Of The Beverly Hillbillies , Original Episode Sponsor Openings and Closings , Photo Gallery

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