The Facts of Life: The Complete First and Second Seasons

Starting as a star vehicle for Charlotte Rae, The Facts of Life was an offshoot of the popular show Diff'rent Strokes. The teenage girls at the school ended up being the focal point of the series. Charlotte Rae's Mrs. Garrett moves from taking care of the Drummond household to being house mother for a gaggle of girls at a private prep school in the United States. Each episode gave us a lesson to learn, but it still managed to make us laugh and feel good at the same time. There are 4 discs and 29 episodes in this box set.

Disc 1: Episode 1: Rough Housing: New housemother Mrs. Edna Garrett is visited by the Drummonds. House tomboy Cindy is nominated to run against Blair for the Harvest Queen title.

Episode 2: Like Mother, Like Daughter: At Parents' Night, Blair's mother is found kissing a married father.

Episode 3: The Return of Mr. Garrett: Mrs. Garrett's gambling ex-husband makes a surprise visit.

Episode 4: I.Q.: Tootie finds a copy of all girls I.Q. scores.

Episode 5: Overachieving: Tootie's father does not approve of the influence Mrs. Garrett has on his daughter.

Episode 6: Emily Dickinson: Blair plagiarizes an Emily Dickinson poem in order to complete her poetry assignment.

Disc 2: Episode 7: Dieting: To impress a date, Sue Ann goes on a crash diet.

Episode 8: The Facts of Love, A.K.A. Sex Education: Mrs. Garrett's sex education class makes Blair feel as if she is prepared to deal with the opposite sex.

Episode 9: Flash Flood: A flood creates some romantic feelings in Blair towards Mr. Bradley.

Episode 10: Adoption: Despite Mrs. Garrett's protests, Blair offers to help Natalie find her birth mother.

Episode 11: Running: Letting his desire to retain the state track title get the best of him, Mr. Bradley's pits Sue Ann and Cindy against each other.

Episode 12: Molly's Holiday: The girls plan a way to get Molly's divorcing parents back together.

Episode 13: Dope: After Blair and Sue Ann join an exclusive gang of girls from another dorm, they find out their preferred pastime is smoking pot.

Disc 3: Episode 14: The New Girl – Part 1: Mrs. Garrett is now the school nutritionist and has to deal with new girl, Jo, and Blair butting heads.

Episode 15: The New Girl – Part 2: A bet between Jo and Blair lands them plus Natalie and Tootie in jail and expelled from Eastland.

Episode 16: Double Standard: Blair is angered when old friend Harrison invites Jo to the Cotillion at the country club rather than her.

Episode 17: Who Am I?: Tootie's new boyfriend causes her an identity crisis when he accuses her of having too many white friends.

Episode 18: Cousin Geri: Blair's handicapped cousin, Geri, causes her stress when she arrives for a surprise visit just before the awards banquet.

Episode 19: Shoplifting: Jo is arrested for shoplifting, which she did to get Mrs. Garrett a birthday gift as expensive as Blair's.

Episode 20: Teenage Marriage – Part 1: Tootie, Blair and Natalie try to talk Jo out of marrying Eddie.

Episode 21: Teenage Marriage – Part 2: When they find out about the girls and Mrs. Garrett's plan to delay their wedding, Jo and Eddie elope.

Disc 4: Episode 22: Gossip: Tootie is hurt by her perceived exclusion by the older girls, so she starts a nasty rumour about Mrs. Garrett.

Episode 23: Breaking Point: To Blair getting elected Student Council President is paramount.

Episode 24: Sex Symbol: After her first date with a boy from another school Natalie cannot figure out why all of a sudden she is extremely popular.

Episode 25: The Secret: Jo does not want to invite her father to the Presentation Ceremony because she is afraid what everyone will find out about him.

Episode 26: Bought and Sold: Blair, who is now working for Countess Calvet's Cosmetics, gives Natalie a makeover that she cannot afford.

Episode 27: Pretty Babes: Chaos ensues when a top fashion photographer comes to Eastland hoping to find the face of the 80s.

Episode 28: Free Spirit: Mrs. Garrett's son, a musician, pays her a visit and Natalie is really taken by him.

Episode 29: Brian and Sylvia: Natalie and Tootie are in Buffalo and wind up in the middle of a fight between Tootie's Aunt Sylvia and her new husband.

Special Features:
-Remembering the Facts of Life
-After Facts
-Previews for I Dream of Jeannie, Gidget and the Flying Nun, Ladies Night TV, and '80s Hits

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