The Fantastc Four: World’s Greatest Heroes – The Complete First Season

The famous superhero quartet comes to you in animated form with its successful Cartoon Network series now on DVD. There are even 4 never-before-seen episodes in this package. What more could a fan want?

Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, The Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch do battle against all forms of bad guys including their archenemy Dr. Doom. Each of them uses their unique power and together they make quite a formidable team.

Episode 1: Dooms Day: Dr. Doom forges a document and passes it off as one of Reed Richards journals and it causes Ben to believe that Reed experimented on the four of them on purpose.

Episode 2: Molehattan: An evil scientist tries to talk Ben into living underground with the other unattractive people.

Episode 3: Trial By Fire: Johnny does not listen to Reed's orders and is transported to another galaxy.

Episode 4: Doomed: Doom manages to get one of his spybots into the Fantastic Four's lab and it is able to inject something into Reed making him Doom.

Episode 5: Puppet Master: An artist goes off the deep end when his section of the beach where he gets his clay is hit by a space station.

Episode 6: Zoned Out: Johnny brings a girl back to the lab and after showing her The Gauntlet she disappears with it.

Episode 7: Hard Knocks: Everyone gets curious when Reed is secretive about an old friend who has come for a visit.

Episode 8: My Neighbor Was a Skrull: The neighbour is not what she seems.

Episode 9: World's Tiniest Heroes: The shrinking experiment the Fantastic Four undertake goes awry.

Episode 10: De-Mole-ition: A monster ends The Fantastic Four's quality time together.

Episode 11: Impossible: Reed expects his deep space probe to return for repairs and gets two.

Episode 12: Bait and Switch: Reed is trying to return Ben to normal when an energy disturbance causes The Fantastic Four to switch powers.

Episode 13: Annihilation: A hovering sphere appears New York and makes The Fantastic four to disappear.

Episode 14: Revenge of the Skrulls: The Fantastic Four battle their old enemies The Skrulls.

Episode 15: Strings: Sue is seriously concerned that the media is calling The Fantastic Four a menace.

Episode 16: Imperilius Rex: A creature emerges from the sea and begins to terrorize the city of New York.

Episode 17: Doomsday Plus One: Doom's robots attack The Fantastic Four.

Episode 18: The Cure: Reed thinks that taking Ben apart atom by atom is the answer to putting him back together as a human.

Episode 19: Frightful: Four alien creatures show up in New York saying they are there to save the city.

Episode 20: Out of Time: The Fantastic Four travel back in time and bring back something that alters everything.

Episode 21: Atlantis Attacks: Shortly after arriving at The Fantastic Four's lab Prince Naymor passes out.

Episode 22: Shell Games: Just in the nick of time, Reed adds a new security system to the Baxter Building.

Episode 23: Johnny Storm and the Potion of Fire: Diablo creates a potion that allows him to control the elements.

Episode 24: Contest of Champions: The Fantastic four are challenged to the Contest of Champions by Ronan the Accuser.

Episode 25: Doom's Word is Law: Doom is able to capture Reed and Sue forcing Johnny and Ben to try and save them.

Episode 26: Scavenger Hunt: Ben's World Cup viewing is interrupted by a strange red beam over New York.

Special Features: From Origin to Animation, Rise of the Rogues, Traveling to New Dimensions, The Art of The Fantastic four

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