The Girl Next Door: Unrated – Blu-ray Edition

The Girl Next Door is a fun and mindless romp through adolescence and what happens when a teenager falls head over heels for a slightly older beautiful girl that moves in next door. The usual scenarios of jealousy and sexual curiosity arise (among other things) as we follow the protagonist through the expected stages of adolescence.

Eventually our protagonist Mathew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) warms up to the girl-next-door Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) and they become an "item," that is until he discovers her scandalous past. The sweet and not so innocent Danielle has an alter-ego that she is trying to escape from; the question is can she?

All of your questions and more will be answered when you watch this delightful film that is guaranteed to make you laugh; but just don't take it too seriously.

Special Features:

– 16 unrestricted, eyes popping out of your head, deleted and extended scenes; plus the original ending you have never seen before. This segment is definitely worth watching and may change the way you originally viewed the film.

-The unrated gag reel, although fun was not as interesting as the previous feature.

-The Eli Experience

-Check out the seductive photo gallery

-Commentary by director Luke Greenfield

-Trivia track

-A Look Next Door

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