The Girls Next Door: Season Three

Every time I watch one of the seasons of this television show I figure I've reached my tolerance level for Holly, Bridget and Kendra. But surprisingly the girls never fail to entertain me. Despite the fact that all that they do is plan one party, event or trip after another I never get bored of watching their daily lives. Maybe it is because it happens at the Playboy Mansion. Who knows?

Episode 1: Snow Place Like Home: The preparations for Christmas are happening at the Playboy Mansion.

Episode 2: May the Horse Be With You: Holly, Bridget and Kendra help decorate the Star Wars float.

Episode 3: Let Them Eat Birthday Cake: Holly hosts her 27th birthday party which has a Marie-Antoinette theme.

Episode 4: My Bare Lady: The Playboy Legacy Collection auction takes place.

Episode 5: Calendar Girls: Holly, Kendra and Bridget shoot their annual calendar.

Episode 6: Snowboarded: The girls decide to go to Vail for a snowboard vacation.

Episode 7: Hearts Afire: With Valentine's Day near Holly decides to talk to Hef about getting married.

Episode 8: P.M.O. Why Not?: The vote is underway for the Playmate of the Year.

Episode 9: Family Affairs: Bridget travels to Chicago for the Halloween Convention.

Episode 10: Home Sweet Suite: It is Hef's 81st birthday and he and the girls are going to celebrate it in Vegas.

Episode 11: Training Daze: Hef sponsors a screening of "Flesh and the Devil".

Episode 12: Dangerous Curves: Kendra is invited to be one of the celebrity drivers at the Toyota San Diego Grand Prix.

Episode 13: Surely You Joust: Hef and the girls attend a Renaissance Fair.

Episode 14: Guess Who's Coming to Luncheon?: A celebratory luncheon takes place at the Mansion for the Playmate of the Year and some special guests show up.

Deleted Features: Deleted Scenes, TV Promos for Each Episode, Extended Scene of Cristal Camden's Cybergirl Shoot, Bedtime Stories: The Best of The Girls Next Door, Season 3 Teaser

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