The Golden Girls:

For fans of the series this special 3 disc DVD will envelope you like one of the girls famous group hugs. The complete first season was released on DVD last year and it sold well enough that they are continuing on to the second season. All the memories of watching the series and the laughs I enjoyed came flooding back to me while I was watching this. For those who have never seen the series this is a wonderful opportunity to see the girls antics commercial free. The series, other than some of the political humour and the girls' wardrobe, has aged well and it is just as funny as when it first aired. The premise of the series is four very different single older women (three of whom are widows and one is divorced) from different parts of the United States all decide to move to Miami, Florida for their "golden" years and end up living together. Rarely in television has a series concentrated on people of retirement age and not only did this series do that, but it did it without trivializing or mocking the senior years. Some of the best episodes within the second season included, "Bedtime Story" where the girls reminisce about the times they have had to sleep in the same bed together, "The Actor" where the Dorothy, Blanche and Rose fight over a famous Hollywood actor who has come to take part in their community theatre and is dating all the women in the play at the same time, and "Isn't it Romantic?" where Dorothy's lesbian friend Jean comes to stay for a visit and finds herself attracted to Rose. There are some interesting cameo appearances by Burt Reynolds, George Clooney and Rita Moreno in season two. Rose (the ditzy blonde from Minnesota), Dorothy (the no nonsense teacher from New York), Sophia (Dorothy's wise cracking mother), and Blanche (the southern belle) live through some of the typical and not so typical moments that women their age have to face. They survive these happenings with humour, a good cry, the power of friendship and cheesecake.

List of Episodes (Season Two):
Episode 27 (End of the Curse)
Episode 28 (Ladies of the Evening)
Episode 29 (Take Him, He's Mine)
Episode 30 (It's a Miserable Life)
Episode 31 (Isn't it Romantic?)
Episode 32 (Big Daddy's Little Lady)
Episode 33 (Family Affair)
Episode 34 (Vacation)
Episode 35 (Joust Between Friends)
Episode 36 (Love, Rose)
Episode 37 ('Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas)
Episode 38 (The Sisters)
Episode 39 (The Stan Who Came to Dinner)
Episode 40 (The Actor)
Episode 41 (Before and After)
Episode 42 (And Then There Was One)
Episode 43 (Bedtime Story)
Episode 44 (Forgive Me, Father)
Episode 45 (Long Day's Journey into Marinara)
Episode 46 (Whose Face is it, Anyway?)
Episode 47 (Dorothy's Prized Pupil)
Episode 48 (Diamond in the Rough)
Episode 49 (Son-In-Law Dearest)
Episode 50 (To Catch a Neighbor)
Episode 51 (A Piece of Cake)
Episode 52 (Empty Nest)

Special DVD Features:

On disc one there is a bonus feature entitled "Go for the Gold Trivia Challenge", which involves questions about the show and you get to find out if you are as wise as Sophia or as clueless as Rose.

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